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Wow, did Blizzard accidentally reveal the WoW TBC Classic release date?

by drbyos

On Blizzard’s BattleNet, there was apparently a short notice that revealed the release date for The Burning Crusade in WoW Classic. The new expansion should appear in June.

What happened? As users report on reddit and other platforms as well, a fading was briefly seen on BattleNet during the night before today (May 4, 2021). There you can see the Burning Crusade Classic image and a font underneath.

This post states that TBC should appear on June 1, 2021. That would be exactly 4 weeks from now. Currently, the extension is still in beta testing.

How realistic is the leak? The image was shared by several different sources, so the image was most likely actually seen in the launcher.

Players suspect that the article was put online by mistake and then quickly disconnected again. It wouldn’t be the first time Blizzard has accidentally revealed it too early. The latter happened at BlizzCon 2021, when information about WoW Shadowlands and WoW Classic went online prematurely.

However, whether the June 1 date is correct or a placeholder date is currently the subject of intense debate.

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At this point, you will find external Reddit content that complements the article.

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That speaks for and against the June launch.

How do you speak against the June 1 release? The date is hotly debated on reddit. For some users, the release comes too early:

  • The release announcement comes too late for user jacob6875: “It seems hard to believe that if TBC came out in a month, we wouldn’t have an official release date right now.”
  • User shryne agrees and suspects a placeholder: “This is probably just a prepared article with a date fill that was accidentally posted on the HOTS news site.”
  • Lagwins1980 also has its problems, after all, it would mean that the previous TBC patch will only be playable for a very short time: “No, it’s not uncommon to have no date for something that is still in beta testing set. But if past leaks are true, then it’s only 2 weeks pre-patch, which seems a bit short. “
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Another argument against this early release is the fact that a foray test was recently postponed in the beta version.

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What talks about June 1 Some other users believe in a June 1 release because there was a leak before the previous patch should only last two weeks.

Additionally, WoW boss Ion Hazzikostas has warned that Patch 9.1 and the expansion in Classic will not appear at the same time. Given that patch 9.1 still seems a long way off, an early release of Burning Crusade doesn’t seem unlikely.

A third faction also suspects that the previous patch will be applied on June 1 and that Burning Crusade will arrive a few weeks later.

What do you think of the launch of Burning Crusade? Does June 1 seem realistic to you?

Everything about the current beta version of WoW Classic can be found here: The beta version of “Burning Crusade Classic” is available. You will be there?

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