Worried, this person did not receive 2 doses but even 4 doses of the Covid-19 vaccine

The Covid-19 vaccination program is one way to stop transmission and prevent the severity of symptoms if infected with Corona. Generally, the vaccine is given in two doses.

While the third dose or booster vaccine is intended for health workers to form immunity to fight the Corona virus.

There are also recipients of more than two doses COVID-19 vaccination. However, recently social media was buzzing with a man who got not just three doses of the vaccine. Unmitigated the man received four doses Covid-19 vaccine of two vaccine brands Corona different.

The man was identified as Tabassum Khan, from Sydney, Australia. He admitted to receiving four Corona vaccines, two doses of AstraZeneca, and two doses of Pfizer.

He got the vaccine not on any recommendation.

Through his personal Twitter account, Tabassum uploaded a photo of himself in a sitting position, being injected by a health worker.

Besides that it is too writes that he is an entrepreneur, health economist, filmmaker, writer, lyricist and counselor

From his tweet, the total 4 doses of Covid-19 vaccine received were a combination of two doses of Sinopharm vaccine and two doses of Pfizer vaccine.

“Getting my 4th dose. Two of Sinopharm two of Pfizer. Get vaccinated. #immunizatiinsaveslives,” bunyi cuitan Tabassum.

Quoted from 7News In, the man received the first dose of the AstraZeneca vaccine in March. Then the Pfizer vaccine last July.

“I did it because I wanted the best protection against the coronavirus. I don’t feel bad and I don’t think I’ve taken someone else’s dose,” he said when asked about the reason for getting four doses of the COVID-19 vaccine.

The man also said he wanted two doses of each vaccine after seeing the success of mixed injections abroad.

After she posted the vaccine trip she received on social media, she admitted to getting some criticism that even her mother was “not impressed” when she found out.

A tweet from Tabassum showing that he had received 4 doses of the Covid-19 vaccine caught the attention of an infectious disease expert from the United States, doctor Faheem Younus.

dr Faheem says over-vaccination without clinical trials is worrying with over-vaccination of Covid-19, like that man did.

“I am aware of the pressure to comply with travel requirements, but .. ‘over -vaccination’ without clinical safety data makes me worried,” said Dr Faheem in his tease, Friday (10/9/2021).

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Writer : Aris N


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