World Toilet Day: access to sanitary facilities, a public health problem

If you didn’t know yet, this Friday, November 19, 2021 is World Toilet Day! We all have a funny anecdote of travel or memorable evenings, where it is a question, at one point, of succeeding in finding toilets … Unfortunately, for a large number of people, living with digestive diseases, in a situation of handicap or in the street, the subject of the toilet is not an anecdote. It affects their dignity and their daily health.
Dirt, dilapidated, dysfunctional, lack of privacy, accessibility, from elementary school, the taboo around the toilets sets in since according to the study ” School toilets: children at their wit’s end »(2018 – Ifop / Essity), 66% of children claim to defecate before or after school!

If it can make you smile, World Toilet Day nevertheless highlights an alarming reality: 4.2 billion people live without sanitation facilities. And an estimated 432,000 deaths worldwide each year due to inadequate sanitation services.

“TOILET EMERGENCY! »: The petition calling for better access to toilets for all!

The only recognized national association of public utility dedicated to chronic inflammatory bowel diseases, AFA Crohn RCH France has been mobilizing for several years on this crucial subject for the patients it represents.

Aware that this issue is of general interest, the AFA launched on the occasion of World Toilet Day on November 19 a petition for the general public entitled “Urgence Toilettes”. This aims to challenge political and health decision-makers on the urgent need to improve access and the quality of sanitary facilities in France.

Public space, town centers, schools, transport: access to hygiene and toilets is not a luxury but a human right. It is not and should not be a taboo.

On the occasion of World Day 2021, Next One, the leading company in toilet display advertising in France, is using 1000 signs in 20 cities to display the AFA campaign “We don’t ask for the moon, just toilets accessible to all! “.


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