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“Dare to make more progress” – this is the heading of the coalition agreement between the SPD, Bündnis 90 / Die Grünen and FDP. With the election of Olaf Scholz (SPD) on December 8th, the new federal government finally begins its work. But what does progress actually mean? Electric cars and wind power instead of gasoline and coal? Digital work? And what place do trade union values ​​such as social cohesion and justice have in our future? Philipp Eins discusses these big questions in the new episode of the ARBEITSWELTEN podcast of IG Metall Berlin-Brandenburg-Sachsen in a small group with a representative of the Jusos and a young trade unionist.

In episode 2 of the fourth season of WORKING WORLDS, Sinem Tasan-Funke (29) and Enrico Wiesner (26) talk about their ideas about the future and how the challenges can be overcome.

Sinem Tasan-Funke has been involved in the SPD since school and is the current co-state chairman of the Jusos in Berlin. Your counterpart in this podcast episode is Enrico Wiesner, a representative of IG Metall Jugend from Berlin-Brandenburg-Saxony, who has been active in the union since 2014 and has also been involved in Fridays for Future since 2018.

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