workers demand payment of wages

Officials from the health care area of ​​the San Francisco de Asís de Quibdó hospital (Chocó), instituted a protection action arguing non-compliance with the payment of salaries and the purchase of supplies for primary health care. The workers claim that they do not have the minimum conditions to carry out their work, which poses a risk to their health and that of their patients, while they are not receiving support for themselves and their families.

“We already have the documents, we are waiting for the attorney’s office to call us to sign them. In assembly we voted that if the administration pays two months’ salary to all the personnel, we raise it, but with commitments and we have to draw up minutes, ”said Luisa Mosquera, who works as a nursing assistant.

The situation would link 474 workers (272 named and 202 hired), who are owed more than four months of wages, which gave rise to this labor abnormality that began on August 9 and is progressively advancing, limiting each Once access to the services provided there.

“We are taking care of vital emergencies and patients who are hospitalized, each one when he has his turn, comes and does his turn and a majority of the colleagues attend the assembly, until the problems of supplies and salaries are solved” Luisa Mosquera concluded.

As explained by Rene Valoyes, a member of the new ESE workers’ union, “the guardianship was established by the Chocó regional attorney, due to the violation of fundamental rights of the population and workers; he presented it on his behalf, but seeking to benefit the workers and therefore the entire population ”.

The management of the Hospital pronounces on the situation

The manager of the health institution, Camilo Eduardo Ramírez affirmed that legally “he is not obliged to do the impossible”, and that at this moment he can only respond with the resources available to the hospital, which “allow paying a full month salary to all staff ”.

Ramírez explained that steps are being taken in search of obtaining the resources, “this is the only answer I can give to this situation; We are studying the guardianship to give an answer. It should be clarified that this guardianship does not only go against the hospital, if not against the Ministry of Health, the Superintendency and different entities of the State ”.

Likewise, the official pointed out the reasons why the workers entered into a labor abnormality: “this decision is based on a four-month labor debt that we have with the personnel, it is a situation that occurs due to the low income that it has in this now the hospital ”.

Ramírez indicates that hospital income has been affected “as two of the largest EPS in the department are intervened by the National Government, these interventions occur within the framework of the situation presented by these companies, which according to the determination of the Superintendency, they are unviable, and to continue with them would increase the problem ”.

The official assures that this particular situation affects the income of the hospital, since they are reduced by the receivables for these two EPS that are around $ 9,000,000,000 pesos.

“It is also clear that we have a conjunctural situation that arose with drugs. We had a company which had won the tender for the supply of medical supplies for the hospital, with which the contract had to be terminated due to non-compliance in the delivery of these supplies ”, stated Camilo Eduardo.

According to the manager argues, solutions have been proposed according to the economic capacity of the Hospital: “The solution we propose is that with the funds we have we are able to pay all staff, both plant and OPS, for one month. and we are looking for an agreement that by paying this month they will let us enter the administrative offices, in order to continue with all the paperwork and conciliations in search of more resources trying to solve this problem “

Finally, the manager made a call not to affect the service for users: “I respect the right to demonstrate, I have always said it, what I do not agree with is the way it is being done, with the situation of closing services and closing the income of the administrative area. The only thing they do is prevent the operation of the hospital, which ultimately affects the health service to the entire Chocó community ”, concluded the manager.



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