Work decree, from taxes to anti-poverty subsidies

Work decree, from taxes to anti-poverty subsidies

The inclusion allowance will go from 1 January to families with disabled people, minors and the elderly with a maximum Isee of 9,360 euros. Maximum amount of 500 euros per month, to which is added an aid of 3,360 euros for the rent. The benefit is lost if you refuse a 12-month job offer

For 18-59 year olds in absolute poverty, on the other hand, the “Activation tool” will arrive from 1 September: 350 euros for a maximum of 12 months for those who do training or civil service.

More checks on both measures, together with interventions on the security front. A compensation fund has also been set up for families who have lost their children in alternating school and work.

To facilitate the meeting between supply and demand, a national platform will soon be operational which will allow employment centers and agencies, INPS, training institutions and companies to dialogue.

New for fringe benefits, compensation paid in the form of goods or services: tax-free up to 3,000 euros for employees with children [C]

Simpler rules for companies that hire on a fixed-term basis (with a relaxation of the limits of the Dignity Decree): no reason for payment up to 12 months and easier vouchers in the tourism sector.

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2023-05-01 18:52:00

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