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Women’s Super Cup: Juventus-Fiorentina in REAL TIME. Bianconere ahead at the interval

by drbyos

Follow the match report in real time and the direct text of Juventus-Fiorentina


Sunday 10.01.2021 – h. half past twelve
Chiavari – Municipal Stadium
NETWORKS: 39 Bonansea
Interval – Minute of play: –

JUVENTUS (4-3-3) Giuliani; Hyyrynen, Salvai, Gama (K), Boattin; Galli, Pedersen, Caruso; Hurtig, Girelli, Bonansea
Cernoia, Rosucci, Staskova, Skovsen, Zamanian, Souza, Sembrant, Giordano, Brcic
R. Guarino
Schroffenegger; Quinn, Tortelli (K), Zanoli; Thogersen, Neto, Middag, Vigilucci; Kim, Sabatino, Bonetti
A avail .:
Ohrstrom, Cordia, Arnth, Adami, Ripamonti, Mani, Baldi, Clelland, Monnecchi
A. Cincotta (N. Melani on the bench)
Marotta (Sapri)
IV office: MS Ferrieri
Ammonites: 35 Thogersen (F)
Pali / traverse:
Recovery: 0′ p.t. –  s.t.


44 – Bonansea tries to double with a wave from outside the area. High end on the crossbar

39 – GOAL JUVENTUS! Bonansea tries a diagonal low shot after a solitary descent from the right wing and the ball ends up in the net at the far post after a decidedly defective intervention by Schroffenegger

35 – Thogersen first booked for the match for a foul on Pedersen

33 – Sudden restart of the viola who are shooting with Sabatino. Slow and central conclusion that does not create problems for Giuliani

31 – Drumming action of the bianconere with a shot, almost a “safe” shot by Pedersen, providentially deflected for a corner by Quinn

27 – The Juventus captain Gama also tries with an imperious head-off from a corner kick, which commits Schroffenegger to the ground

24 – Still Schroffenegger protagonist, with a nice rebound at the near post on a tight diagonal by Girelli

22 – JUVENTUS OPPORTUNITY! Excellent shot by Hurtig on an assist from Bonansea and equally excellent intervention by Schroffenegger, who manages to deflect the close attempt for a corner

15 – Beat-and-beat in the purple penalty area with Caruso trying the decisive deviation, deflected for a corner

9 – Caruso tries it from 25 meters. The shot comes out just to the right of the Schroffenegger. Juventus still dangerous

6 – Bonansea tries to surprise the purple goalkeeper with a lob. Conclusion over the cross

4 – Juventus managed ball possession in the opening minutes

1 – The first ball of the match is Juventus. Both teams on the pitch with traditional uniforms


Advertising Numericalcio

Juventus and Fiorentina, always them, in the re-edition of the challenge that can now be considered the “classic” of Italian women’s football. The last act of the TIMVISION Super Cup confronts the clubs that have competed for the title in the last two seasons, winning one victory on each side.

Today at 12.30 at the municipal stadium of Chiavari Juve and Fiorentina will try to win the first trophy of 2021. After the hard-fought and exciting semifinals, with the bianconere who have overcome an excellent Rome only in the final minutes of the second overtime and the purple team that he beat Milan in comeback, it is reasonable to expect goals and a show from the final too.

The holders of the Juventus title in 2020 – if we exclude the Champions League return match against Lyon – have never lost and command the Serie A TIMVISION standings with 10 wins in as many games. The club’s goal is to give continuity to the results, continuing the growth path that has allowed the bianconere to play equally against all their opponents, including reigning European champions.

“We go to the final with the best wishes – declared the Juventus coach Rita Guarino – we will have to have a more determined approach than the match against Roma. We recovered Cernoia and Giuliani, they left with us and will be regularly available tomorrow “.

At home, the recent qualification for the Champions League Round of 16, won with the time almost expired thanks to an acute of the usual Sabatino, has brought back enthusiasm and confidence. Against Milan the Tuscans played one of the best matches of their season, conceding little or nothing to Giacinti and teammates and giving Nicola Melani, who will sit on the bench again in place of Cincotta, a great joy. “We are proud to have come this far – these are the words of Melanie – against Juve it is always a battle, some players will be missing but we are ready. We want to give the first female trophy to President Commisso “.

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