Women and football – BBC News Arabic

Women and football – BBC News Arabic

Women and football

In conjunction with the 2023 Women’s World Cup to be held in New Zealand and Australia, this week BBC Extra discusses women’s football and its challenges in the Middle East and North Africa region.

In the episode, we host female soccer players from Lebanon and Jordan and talk to them about the reasons for their entry into this world despite the lack of funding, the lack of stadiums and the required exercises, and the lack of support. Which raises a question about the reasons why women’s football does not have the same importance as men’s football?

Cynthia Salha and Christy Maalouf, two soccer players in the Lebanese national team, talk about the stereotyped image of women entering the world of soccer and how they were able to break this image through their love for the game. As for Haneen Al-Khatib, a former soccer player from Jordan, she talks about the importance of initiatives supporting women’s soccer, especially in marginalized and remote areas.

We will travel with you to the Moroccan city of Fez, where we will meet the soccer player Malak, who plays this sport with passion and dreams of joining FC Barcelona.

Presented by: Saif Al-Din Al-Rubai

Prepared by: Seif El-Din Rubai, Sarah Magdy, Maryam El-Toumi

Editing: Farah Daja and Nadim Demashkieh

Supervising Producer: Khaled Abdullah

General Supervising: Olivia Lou Boadovan

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