Woman unmasks cost traps on the Adriatic coast

Woman unmasks cost traps on the Adriatic coast
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Inflation reduces the holiday fund. Holidaymakers in Croatia are also feeling the rise in prices. A video shows that travelers with ten euros will not get far in Rovinj.

Munich/Rovinj – Although summer is gradually coming to an end, that does not mean that the 2023 holiday season is over. Many people will still have a few days of holiday in the coming weeks. Spain and Italy are particularly popular, where travelers should watch out for crazy laws.

Southeast Europe is also a popular travel destination. Recently, however, reports of price explosions in Croatia caused a stir. A woman on Tiktok drew attention to the increased prices.

Capital city Zagreb
official language Croatian
Currency Euro

Will the Croatia vacation become a cost trap? What you can do with ten euros in Rovinj

The young woman stops in a video for her followers what vacationers in Croatia can do with 10 euros. At the beginning she holds the banknote into the camera, in the background you can see the Croatian port city of Rovinj. But instead of cheap travel tips, the Tiktok community expect rather unexpected suggestions.

In her sarcastic short clip, the TikToker shows what holiday activities people with a tight budget can do on the Adriatic. Sitting on a bench and staring into the distance is one of them. (Tik-Tok screenshot) © Screenshot/Tiktok/likedajana

The Tiktokerin throws stones into the water, hugs a tree or stares disconsolately at the sea. In an obviously exaggerated and humorous way, the young woman wants to show her community that prices in Croatia – apparently especially in Rovinj – have risen. Apparently there is not that much to experience for ten euros.

Holidays in Croatia have become more expensive: accommodation prices have risen by 30 percent

At Tiktok, the video causes enthusiasm. With the ten euros, vacationers could only afford paid parking, commented one user. “Unfortunately true,” it said. “The same goes for Split,” said another. “Enjoying Rovinj is priceless,” noted another user.

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It doesn’t always have to be an expensive venture. Sights, visits to the beach and hikes are often inexpensive. A holiday trip in Croatia can also be designed on a low budget. Nevertheless, a clear wave of inflation can be felt here. Most recently, a bill in Croatia caused trouble. “We are 25 percent more expensive than the competition – not only for overnight stays, but also for all other relevant offers,” said the President of the Association of Family Accommodations in Croatia, Barbara Marković, at a press conference in July.

Accommodation prices on the Croatian coast have risen by 30 percent over the past two years. “Croatia is now a more expensive destination than Spain and Greece and prices are increasing every day,” Marković said. Not only the high prices can deter vacationers. Anyone who travels to Dubrovnik with a trolley case must expect a fine. (cheese)


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