With you tonight – the concert film

Bodo Wartke gives a concert in Hamburg-Altona. 30 people meet in the small backyard theater, which becomes the living room of the piano cabaret artist for this special occasion, far from home. His guests make themselves comfortable, they listen, laugh and marvel. He sings and plays, is lonely and secure at the same time. What begins like an ordinary concert evening turns into a journey into the heart of the songs. Bodo takes his audience to surprising places and shares his world with them, his joy, his longing and his devotion. In the end, do we understand a little more about this person? Who knows. Life is a stage. Based on the profound and comedic lyrics from the program “What if?” by cabaret artist Bodo Wartke, the film unfolds the plot of an extraordinary concert evening. It shows Bodo Wartke only rudimentarily as a documentary, in a stylized live situation, for which a separate stage space was created and thirty friends were invited for the recording. These people are also his friends in the feature film business – role and life are blurred like in the case of the artist himself. He not only plays in the fictional performance hall, an oversized living room, but also in situations outside of this concert act and in the world in between. In this way, his texts and compositions are given an undreamt-of authenticity despite their medial transmission, their unique effect unfolds in the fictional space of the cinematic narrative. The boundaries between everyday life and artistic form are becoming increasingly blurred, as has always been the case with the artistic personality Bodo Wartke. Who is he? The film viewers get closer and closer to him, suspect that they are allowed to look into his soul, take part in his life and yet are only participants in a game again. But what’s the difference? The film was awarded the “Predicate valuable” in February 2017! The jury’s reasoning for the German Film and Media Assessment: http://www.fbw-filmbeval.com/film/bei_dir_heute_nacht_der_konzertfilm Image: FullHD 1080p, H.264 High @ 8 Mbit / s | Sound: Stereo AAC 48kHz @ 320 Kbit / s Double DVD and Blu-ray, which also contain over 150 minutes of bonus material, are available in Bodo’s online shop: www.bodowartke.de/shop Content of the bonus material: – Live recordings with Melanie Main: Avec plaisir – Green Tea – Quand même je t’aime – Music videos for My feeling – Not in my name – Film essay “If not now, then when?” by Joe Frohriep and Sönke Held – the production video blogs as a glimpse behind the scenes

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