Wishma’s bereaved family, seeing off the video … I couldn’t attend the agent, and the Immigration Bureau Secretary “Go home and report to my mother”: Tokyo Shimbun TOKYO Web

Wishma Sandamari’s younger sister Wayomi (left) and Paul Nima (middle), who died, were interviewed by the press.Attorney Shoichi Ibusuki on the right = 10th, in Kasumigaseki, Tokyo

On the 10th, the bereaved families asked for the disclosure of surveillance camera images of their lives on the 10th due to the death of a Sri Lankan woman, Wishma Sandamari, who was being held at the Nagoya Regional Immigration Bureau. I visited the management agency. The bereaved family asked for the presence of an attorney-at-law, but was not admitted, and did not watch the day.

The video is a compilation of about two weeks before Wishma’s death in about two hours. It was disclosed only to the bereaved family and the interpreter on the 12th of last month, but it was interrupted due to illness on the way, and the remaining 50 minutes were scheduled to be disclosed on the 10th.

According to his attorney, Shoichi Ibusuki, the Immigration Bureau explained that nurses would be on standby, but he did not allow the lawyer to be present.

According to his sister, Wayomi (28), he told the Immigration Bureau that “If you have an agent, you can receive legal explanations and reduce the psychological burden. Why can’t you attend?” Replied, “Disclosure information is stipulated by law and cannot be disclosed.”

Seiko Sasaki, the Immigration Bureau’s secretary, told Ibusuki lawyer who asked for attendance, “If you watch the rest of the video and get an investigation report translated into Sinhala, you should go back to your hometown and report it to your mother. “He said.

My sister Paul Nima (26) criticized, “I don’t understand the fact that I should go home.” “I can never go home in this situation. I haven’t told my worried mother about the video. I’ll bring all the recorded footage home,” said Wayomi. (Isoko Mochizuki)

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