Winter Wonders: a CST bracelet difficult to apply, the wearing of the mask not respected enough

The Brussels Christmas market got off to a good start despite the measures.

“APlease note that it is only valid for one day. It is only valid for one day “. The Visit employee. brussels, responsible for distributing the health pass bracelets, controls the Covid Safe Tickets at a frantic pace. “It doesn’t stop! There are a lot of people this Saturday, a lot more than Friday for the opening: there are Italians, Spaniards, Portuguese… We speak more English than French or Dutch“.

There are dozens of them in the long line in front of the Chalet CST at the Grand-Place in Brussels to obtain the precious sesame: the paper bracelet – white, yesterday Saturday -, similar to that of a rock festival, which allows you to have access to the Plaisirs d’Hiver shops, therefore to consume.


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