Winamp announces its return with a new logo, new website and invites us to register to test a new beta version

We all carry Winamp in our hearts, just like Symbian. But Winamp He accompanied us when we listened to our beloved MP3 files on our old Windows computer and was a faithful companion when portable MP3 players arrived, and later cell phones.

But the world of the streaming audio and a large part of us went to listen to our music on those platforms, leaving Winamp aside who even managed to reach Android with a horrible version, but at least they intended to accompany us on the move.

Since then, we did not hear from Winamp until 2018 when a beta version of version 5.8 was leaked on the internet that did not bring almost any news, but even so the developers were concerned and released a stable version of that version to make it work on our computers correctly.

Winamp finally returns

Three years have passed and again we have news from Winamp, since today they have surprised us with a new logo, a new website and an invitation to register so that we can be chosen to test a beta version of the renewed Winamp.

“Something big is going to come”, it can be read in English on the new Winamp site, but no one knows how this magnificent music player will return, although it has a good chance of coming back fully recharged.

We do not believe that it will return as a simple music player in the middle of the year 2021/2022, it would not make much sense, although those of us who carry Winamp in our hearts would be happy, but it is not the idea.

Perhaps it can become a useful VLC-style multimedia player, as well as it can be associated with an audio streaming service so that we can play our music in Winamp itself, as well as the idea that they become a new service of streaming to compete against Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube Music, Amazon Music, among others.

Now we just have to wait a little longer to see what news this renewed Winamp will bring us. For now, we can only invite you to enter so you can see their new website and also register to see if you are one of those chosen to participate in the beta version of their new product.

In the meantime you can use the web version – unofficial – of Winamp by doing click here.


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