Willian justifies his departure from Arsenal

After just a year of relationship, the Brazilian Willian chose to abandon the discipline of Arsenal and open a new stage in the Corinthians. Questioned about it by TV Corinthians, the footballer has made it clear that he did not feel comfortable in the English team and that only the idea of ​​returning to the club that promoted his career was passing through his head.

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“I really thought about it a lot, together with my family and close people. Unfortunately, my time at Arsenal was not good, I was not happy at the club. I don’t need to go into details, but I was not happy and I thought that returning to Brazil was the right thing to do. better option. I studied some other options, but I wanted to return to Corinthians, to my home, to be close to my family. It is the club that projected me to the world, he revealed to me. The right moment to return was this “he explained.


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