Will Smith’s daughter reveals a stalker broke into her home

Not finding her, the man decided to stay in the area awaiting the return of the youth star. Photo: Agency.

Shows.- The American singer Willow Smith, daughter of the renowned actor Will Smith, revealed during the program ‘Red Table Talk’, of which she is a co-presenter along with her mother, Pinkett, that a stalker with a history of pedophilia broke into her home at the end of the last year, a fact that he described as one of the most “terrifying” experiences of his life.

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During the last broadcast of the program, in which the central theme was the increase in cyberbullying during the coronavirus pandemic, the artist recalled that a subject, after virtually harassing her through social networks for a while, took her obsession to another level , until he finally decided to break into his Los Angeles residence in December 2020.

According to the daughter of the protagonist of ‘The Prince of Rap’, the individual learned his patterns until finally, while the minor was on vacation with his family, he broke into his residence.

Hija de Will Smith

Not finding her, he decided to stay in the area awaiting the return of the young star. “It was crazy, thank God I wasn’t there […] He was a pedophile. I had to go to court and testify about it, “he said.

“We caught him waiting for [Willow] he came back, he had set up a little camp behind his house, ”said Pinkett Smith. “Once [la Policía] got all the evidence they needed from the inside, we had to take all the things out of the fridge because we were afraid he would have put something in the drinks or her food to knock her out […] We had to check everything, even the ventilation, because we did not know if it had installed cameras. We really had to dismantle the house.

Despite the fact that the invader was arrested and is in police custody, both mother and daughter agreed that the authorities should develop a legal framework more in line with current times, which would make it possible to deal with the problem of cyberbullying more effectively. .

“Technology is advancing very very fast, faster than laws can be updated,” said the young woman.


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