Will Smith’s cry for the gesture of an athlete in a triathlon

Will Smith said that he cried before the integrity of two athletes in the Santander Triathlon

The actor Will Smithadmitted to crying upon seeing the integrity of two athletes when they disputed the Santander Triathlon, in which Spanish Diego Méntrida waited for an opponent who made a mistake so as not to take advantage of it.

“It made me cry, I like integrity”said Will Smith, according to the official website of the International Olympic Committee. “It was pure integrity. Thanks, Diego,” added the protagonist of Men in Black, among other films.

For Méntrida, according to his words, the error of his adversary, it was the chance to take a place on the podium, since he was fourth and that situation would place him third.

However, Méntrida, With the finish line at hand, he decided to brake and give third place to whoever had achieved it throughout the competition. “I knew my place was the fourth. It was a decision I made when something happened very quickly.”

Méntrida argued, on the other hand, that, if it were an Olympic Game, he could not assure himself of acting in the same way.



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