Will Smith: Oscar producers congratulate him on his apology

This Sunday, Elsa Dasc confided in her Instagram subscribers about her fertility problems. The former Princes of Love star, who is married to Arthur Venset, has actually said she’s having trouble conceiving.

“I’ve struggled privately for a year and a half with fertility,” she explained. “Having a child, for me, will never be a simple thing. It’s too early and very hard for me to speak up to explain, I still feel very vulnerable about this subject, which nevertheless affects 1 in 10 women. ”

Elsa also learned that she suffers from partial endometriosis and has experienced many medical complications following a first operation which caused internet bleeding and a new urgent operation. Despite her low spirits, the 25-year-old made a lovely declaration of love to her boyfriend, saying, “I feel so lucky to have Arthur in my life who has been there every day, every night, every second by my side, without judgment, just by my side to be strong, to protect me and to encourage me to have hope. I will love you all my life.”

And Sarah Fraisou wanted to support Elsa following this poignant testimony.

“All my support to Elsa, big strength!” she confided. “I’m one of those women. I just tell myself that you have to remain patient and determined. It’s long, it’s hard but the reward will be better.”


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