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Wiehl: YMCA wins blood donation challenge: handball players and soccer players fight to the blood

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Wiehl –

The CVJM Oberwiehl becomes city champion in the Wiehl blood donation challenge.

Especially in the current time, when the associations have canceled their championships, no training and match operations are possible and neither promotions nor relegations can be fought, the blood donation challenge was a welcome change for many active athletes, but also board members, Trainers and inactive members.

With his idea of ​​an imitation of the Morsbach blood donation challenge in Wiehler city area, Hartmut Livrée, deputy youth manager of FV Wiehl, not only ran open doors at all participating clubs, but also at the city sports association and the Wiehler business community.

The Wiehler city championship was fought down to the bone between the Wiehler handball and soccer clubs and everything was given for a good cause. 152 blood donors were activated in two appointments and a total of 76 liters of blood were donated to the DRK.

What was special about this number of participants, however, was the outstanding quota of over 30 percent of so-called first-time donors. These are of particular importance for the DRK, as it is hoped that they will be able to absorb the natural fluctuation of blood donors who are leaving due to the age limit.

Outstanding in this competition was the motivation in the CVJM Oberwiehl, which by far brought the most blood donors (33 percent) to the start or to the couch.

Second place was also taken by handball players from TV Oberbantenberg. FV Wiehl, the first football club, is only in third place in the ranking. BSV Bielstein, BV 09 Drabenderhöhe, VfR Marienhagen and TuS Weiershagen / Forst follow on the other places.

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As an award, the managing director of the City Sports Association Wiehl, Andreas Harnisch, and organizer Hartmut Livrée were able to present Yasemin Adam for the victorious CVJM Oberwiehl and Andreas Zurek for the second-placed TV Oberbantenberg after the blood donation appointment in Bielstein.

In addition, the seven participating clubs received generous vouchers for the Wiehler business world. Thanks to the vouchers, the participants of the sporty bloodletting can look forward to a club-internal thank-you party in good company after the lockdown has ended.

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