Why the footballer doesn’t go to her funeral

From Pia Karim

Ronaldinho’s mother Donna Miguelina has died of Covid-19. A world is collapsing for the former world-class footballer.

It is a bitter blow of fate for the former world footballer Ronaldinho: Last Saturday, his mother Dona Miguelina succumbed to her Covid 19 disease. The 41-year-old is devastated.

Ronaldinho also got Covid-19

After Ronaldinho tested positive for Covid-19 without symptoms last October, his 71-year-old mother was hospitalized with Covid-19 just before Christmas. The former soccer star then wrote on Twitter:

Dear friends, my mother has Covid and we are fighting for her speedy recovery. She is in the intensive care unit and is receiving all the necessary treatments. I thank you in advance for your prayers, positive energy and affection. Stay strong mom.

Dona Miguelina has now fought the virus for almost two months. A fight that she unfortunately couldn’t win. On Saturday, February 20th, she succumbs to the disease. As Ronaldinho’s former club Atlético Mineiro confirms:

It is with great sadness that Clube Atlético Mineiro received the news of the death of Dona Miguelina, the mother of Ronaldinho Gaucho. The Atleticana family is in grief and shares the moment of pain with their idol. May God receive you with open arms and comfort the heart of our eternal star.

He’s not going to her funeral

FC Barcelona also express their condolences to their former star, as do their former team-mates Neymar and Lionel Messi:

Ronnie, I have no words. I can not believe it. Send you lots of strength and a hug for you and your whole family. I am very sorry, rest in peace.

For Ronaldinho himself, the loss of his beloved mother is so great that he cannot accompany his siblings to the funeral the following Sunday.

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