Why the akim of Shchuchinsk was not fired after the scandalous video: August 10, 2023, 14:49

Why the akim of Shchuchinsk was not fired after the scandalous video: August 10, 2023, 14:49

Frames from the video

Akim of Shchuchinsk, Olzhas Nurmagambetov, received a severe reprimand for his scandalous live broadcast on Instagram with the residents of the city. Tengri Life tried to figure out why the official kept his post.

Earlier, an official check was carried out against the mayor, as a result of which he was severely reprimanded.

Ainagul Zhanadilova, Commissioner for Ethics of Akim’s Office of Akmola Region, explained to our correspondent the decision taken on Akim.

“In accordance with the Rules for imposing disciplinary sanctions, Olzhas Nurmagambetov, mayor of the city of Shchuchinsk, was brought to disciplinary responsibility in the form of a severe reprimand. A severe reprimand is one of the strict measures of responsibility of a civil servant. If a penalty had been imposed on him earlier, then such measures would have been applied to him , as incomplete service compliance or dismissal.Therefore, given that Previously, Nurmagambetov was not brought to disciplinary responsibilitya severe reprimand was imposed for a gross violation of ethics,” said Ainagul Zhanadilova, Commissioner for Ethics of the Akmola Region Akim’s Office.

Meanwhile, the press service of the Akimat of Akmola region also clarified what “severe reprimand” means.

“Since the official received a severe reprimand, he will accordingly be deprived of possible rewards, for example, bonuses. If he suddenly commits a new offense, this may lead to incomplete service compliance or even dismissal,” the press service added.

Last week, Olzhas Nurmagambetov went live from the Instagram page of the district akimat. His speech was dedicated to the work done over the past six months. After the speech, a scandal erupted in the media and social networks: there were reports that Nurmagambetov, thinking that the broadcast had ended, allegedly insulted the residents of the city. By the way, on the fragments that appeared on the network, insults are not heard.

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Later, Nurmagambetov himself published on his Instagram page the full recording of the sensational live broadcast. Judging by the video, the akim of Shchuchinsk really allowed himself unpleasant phrases, but they were addressed to one specific person.


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