Why Roger Federer’s Investment On is under pressure on the stock exchange

Why Roger Federer’s Investment On is under pressure – but don’t worry about this stock

In “Switzerland at the weekend”, our money columnist François Bloch writes why joining the sneaker manufacturer On is currently risky. For this, Sberbank’s papers are a safe bet.

Illustration by Marco Ratschiller

My readership really doesn’t have to worry about this Sberbank (SBER LI): The growth including dividend distribution over the last five years is a whopping 243.3%! The financial results presented this week for the first nine months of 2021 are sensational. Based on these numbers, I expect a return on sales of over 78% for the full 2021 financial year. In 2022, the dividend yield should reach 7.46% before targeting over 8% in 2023. (Reload)


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