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Why can’t you download WhatsApp audios? Solutions

by drbyos

WhatsApp has become one of the most used applications since many years. The messaging tool continues to support a large number of users who often share textual information, but also photos, videos and documents that are often important to the nearly 2,000 billion active users.

Usually it happens that you cannot download WhatsApp audios, but there are solutions to be able to correct this sometimes temporary error. Sometimes not being able to receive an image can be the fault of the device, although sometimes it is also the fault of WhatsApp, a service that usually has errors.

Not being able to download them means that you cannot get them and at the same time be able to play them back on the phone when it gives an error. This sometimes has a solution which may vary in different cases that will appear over time.

Check if you have an internet connection

Mobile connection

To be able to download the audio files to reproduce later each of them requires an internet connection, either a Wi-Fi connection or a data connection through a mobile operator. In this type of case, it is better to see if you are logged in, to do this, view the higher status of notifications.

Both Wi-Fi and 4G / 5G connections are usually connected all the time, unless you have one of them turned off and you are not connected to one or the other, it usually happens sometimes. It is better to slide the notification panel top to bottom and verify that you are connected to a connection.

Wi-Fi signal shows wave from bottom to top, while the “Mobile data” connection displays two send and receive arrows. Each phone varies, but it does so minimally, so it is convenient that you also check this by entering Settings – Wi-Fi / Mobile Networks, here inside visualize that you are connected.

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If you have an exhausted data plan, it is better to top up, especially when sending and receiving audio that will weigh depending on what you record, whether it is a few seconds or a few minutes. According to the plan with the operator you will have a minimum of gigabytes per month, it varies according to the type of offer.

Check if you have storage space on your phone

Complete storage

Another possibility that you cannot download WhatsApp audios is that you have no storage on the cell phone. Internal storage is many times dependent on installed apps, but not only that, but also those that save information.

If you have a full internal card, you won’t be able to download WhatsApp audios to your smartphone, but chances are you won’t be able to listen to them if you haven’t downloaded them first. On some occasions they usually breed, but everything goes through the servers which, if you don’t download them, will wait for you to connect to the internet.

The task of freeing up space is one of the most complex, especially if you do it manually, it will be up to you in your own way if you want to have the necessary to use certain apps. Many phones today have a capacity that has increased so that this does not happen when fitting 128, 256 and 512 GB.

To free up storage space, you have apps like Ccleaner, which usually clean up junk files, as well as duplicate files and other items that are considered junk. Phones usually come with an internal tool in order to be able to dispose of and clean the terminal.

Check the time and date

Android date and time

Another problem that WhatsApp audios cannot be downloaded on the phone is to correctly set the time and date of the phone. This happens on phones and also on PCs (Windows), make sure you have the correct time and the day, month and year of one of the devices.

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This error might seem simple, but if you have configured it incorrectly, downloading audios in WhatsApp may not work on any of the phones. If you do not connect to the server at the specific time, you cannot download audio and thus reproduce them, which will affect all users.

For the time change, go to “Settings”, System and updates, then go to “Date and time”, finally change the day (date) and time. This will allow you to download all that audio to your devices including your phone, tablet, and even your PC (Windows and other operating systems).

Check that WhatsApp has not fallen

Whatsapp broken

It’s a rare problem, but it may happen that WhatsApp fell at this time and the audios are not downloaded application until service is restored. Drops can have a duration, depending on the platform’s servers, affecting all users, although sometimes quite a few.

Additionally, if WhatsApp crashes, you won’t be able to text, voice, or make voice or video calls in the messaging app purchased by Facebook. To do this, you will have to wait for it to be operational again. and everything works as usual.

To verify that WhatsApp is downTry different web pages indicating whether or not it is operational at this time, including DownDetector. This URL indicates whether this service and others are operational at that time, always giving information about them.

Clear WhatsApp cache

Cache WhatsApp

Sometimes this happens due to an internal app error, so that causes it not to work properly and we have to find another solution. One of the general problems with any of the apps is the cache memory, which can be fixed if it is eliminated in order to start from scratch.

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Apps accumulate junk files, that’s why you should clear the cache of each of them whenever possible. Emptying the cache of apps on Android will make the job of many of them easier correctly and can work quickly and correctly.

To clear the cache, follow these steps: Go to “Settings” on the phone, then go to “Applications” and click “Applications” again. Click on the “WhatsApp” application, navigate to “Storage” and click on “Clear cache”, the latter may vary by manufacturer and phone model.

For example, in Huawei, access to clear cache is similar, entering Settings> Applications> Applications> WhatsApp> Storage> Clear cache. Here it changes having to enter the storage before then click Clear to clear the cache, but you can also delete the app data.

Update the WhatsApp application

Update WhatsApp

This is usually not frequent, but WhatsApp needs to be updated and it is likely that sometimes it will not allow downloading of audios or other files in the terminal memory. Check through the Play Store or Aurora Store if there is a recent version of the app to update.

Updating WhatsApp only takes a few minutes, it will vary depending on the connection, whether mobile or via Wi-Fi, the latter is usually the fastest. In addition, important errors are usually corrected.Other than that, new features are always great for the user experience.

WhatsApp usually requires a maximum period of 30 days to be updated on some devices it is done so that every user can do it and can be safe from threats. The app is usually updated once in a while, informing it that there is a need to continue using it.

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