Why are there so many musicals in Barcelona?

By the end of the current theatrical season in June, around twenty musicals will have passed through the theaters of Barcelona. It will close in a big way with the premiere of Golfus of Rome and the return of A Chorus Line . Surprising offer when only now a certain normality is glimpsed and the full capacity permit is confirmed, essential for the proper exploitation of the most expensive titles. Only the week that begins tomorrow will coincide on the billboard six montages of different sizes. Small format, such as Seventeen years O A shy light , in Maldà and Condal respectively; medium like I love you if I drank (Poliorama), and great as Fame (Apolo), Billy Elliot (Victoria) y Singing under the rain (Tivoli).

Presentation of the musical Billy Elliot

Llibert Teixidó / Propias

Is it true – as some analysts comment – that we are in need of fun and entertainment as in the roaring twenties of the twentieth century? Whether speculation is correct or not, the truth is that the city has encountered a phenomenon that no one counted on. In addition to the circumstance of an atypical calendar buffeted by 18 months of closures and uncertainties, other local factors may have influenced this explosion of the genre in Barcelona. For example, two important changes in the ownership of two theaters in Paral·lel. Both Enrique Salaberria, president of the Smedia group and new owner of the Apolo, and Antonio Díaz (el Mago Pop), who acquired the Victòria from Tresx3, publicly expressed their commitment to the musical to attract a majority audience, essential for their large-scale theaters. capacity.

Ownership changes in theaters and new production companies have contributed to the outbreak of the genre in Barcelona

Another important agent is the consolidation of Nostromo Live, the producer of Jordi Sellas, Núria Valls and Adrián Guerra, especially from its artistic association with Àngel Llàcer and Manu Guix ( The Cage of Mad Women, The Shop of Horrors and now Singing under the rain ). His productions are created and premiered in Barcelona in Spanish and later do season in Madrid. Just the reverse journey made by Som Produce or Letsgo, Madrid companies that have occupied the withdrawal of Stage Entertainment in the Catalan capital, focused -for costs- on the West End model that has triumphed in Madrid.

GRAFCAT7431.  BARCELONA, 09/15/2021.- Appearance of the graphic show of the musical

The musical “Singing in the rain”

Toni Albir / EFE

These new promoters join those who, with ups and downs, have always relied on this genre in Barcelona. Dagoll Dagom has never thrown in the towel, despite the difficulties. In addition to I love you if I drank (with La Brutal and T de Teatre) the family musical is about to premiere Bye Bye Monster , joining titles of similar ambitions such as The Wizard of Oz and The little Prince . Nor does Focus give up despite the fact that the project did not work Onyric in Condal with Dani Anglès at the helm. Without that label, they present Golfus of Rome and replenish The daughter of the sea , co-productions with Mérida and El Grec. Nor should we forget La Cubana -the other classic- that in the end it will be able to present Goodbye arturo in Barcelona. And remember the efforts of the small venues, especially the Maldà since it is in the hands of Els Pirates and the Teatre Gaudí, unofficially turned into a factory for the creation of musicals.


A scene from ‘T’estimo si he begut’, by T de Teatre, Dagoll Dagom and La Brutal, at the Poliorama

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