Why are magazine apps like Readly so attractive to a wide audience?

The interest in a wide range of information from reputable online sources has increased in recent years. The number of users who value media apps like Readly is growing steadily – especially among the younger target groups. Readly had 1 million app downloads last year.

The advantages of a flat rate app like Readly are obvious. On the one hand, the variety of the app prevents the algorithms of search engines and social media channels from finding oneself in an informal “bubble” that only reflects one’s own opinion. The so-called “Echo Chamber” is left when there is access to various media and new perspectives can be discovered.
The national and international 7,500 magazines and newspapers of the Readly app, which functions as an “all-you-can-read” offer, enable long-term and daily updated access to multi-layered sources of serious press coverage. In cooperation with around 1,200 publishers worldwide in 50 markets, Readly is now one of the leading platforms for digital reading in Europe.

“In order to deal with a topic, it is indispensable in the digitized world to give people access to a wide range of media and quality journalism – including information sources that are new or not yet known. According to our last study, 96 percent of readers discover magazines on our platform that they have not yet read. We are particularly happy about this and encourage discourse, ”says Marie-Sophie von Bibra, Head of Global Operations at Readly.

On the other hand, the selection of high-quality media such as TIME ”,“ The Guardian ”or“ National Geographic ”from various areas of interest and countries also protects readers from fake news. This part of the readers is willing to consciously counter false information by means of paid offers.

Unlimited source of inspiration

The target group of 18-24 year-old Austrians places particular emphasis on diversity and serious reporting. 17.2% say they pay for online messaging. But not just them. A total of 26.6% of all Austrians pay for two online media, 8.4% even for three.1

Paying for several individual online offers is not necessary with Readly’s flat rate. “Access to magazines or newspapers is unlimited on our platform. Readers discover titles that are used as sources of inspiration and knowledge for various projects, hobbies or for daily updated information, ”says Jan-Sebastian Blender, Content Lead DACH, IT & NL at Readly.

There is also another advantage of digital offers. They can be used at any time. On the tablet on the couch, on the phone on the go, for entertainment, for research or for a press review from a reputable source in between. For the German-speaking target group, there are around 1,400 newspapers and magazines that can be read with the Readly Flatrate.

How popular and recognized the quality and variety of Readly is worldwide is shown by the fact that the 140,000 magazine issues provided in the app last year were read 99 million times.

More information: www.readly.at



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