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Who will be the new Smash character announced tonight?

by drbyos

After what feels like years without having any new character news in Smash (well, ok, Minecraft’s Steve was announced in October, but time is running out slowly in 2020), the bomb has fallen: Nintendo will announce a new character from DLC for Smash tonight at the Game Awards.

But who will be the lucky winner?

We have a few small ideas.


Yes, the Demon Slayer is a bit more violent character than the average playable character in Smash.

But Snake isn’t in the lace either, and that doesn’t stop him from being a Smash veteran.

Several factors work in favor of Doomguy: Doom Eternal has just been released on Switch, and most importantly, today we are celebrating the 27th anniversary of the franchise.

It wouldn’t be difficult to create an interesting arsenal for Doomguy, and Sakurai could arguably be faithful to the franchise while reducing violence.

It remains to be seen, however, whether Nintendo would dare to include such a violent character in its flagship franchise.


First Look: 'Crash Bandicoot 4: It's About Time' proves the franchise can  evolve

The marsupial created by Naughty Dog has experienced a real renaissance in recent years.

Since the mind-blowing success of the remakes of the original trilogy, followed by a Nitro-fueled remake and a very well-received Crash 4, player interest (and especially confidence) in Crash has skyrocketed.

Nintendo could very well have decided to capitalize on this success, especially since it is one of the rare video game mascots that always escapes Smash.

Honestly, Crash seems made for this game, with an arsenal of movement that lends itself admirably to the Super Smash Bros. universe.

The only obstacle, honestly, is that Crash is not as popular in Japan as it is in the West, yet is not an unknown.

And then, it did not slow down Banjo which is even less known than Crash in the Land of the Rising Sun.

Travis Touchdown

No More Heroes III' pulls Travis into the garden of madness next year |  Engadget

The Game Awards are an event that traditionally attracts so-called “hardcore” players.

So now is a great time to introduce characters that speak to a more nested audience.

Travis Touchdown is definitely a cult character, with the first two No More Heroes being considered some of the best games on Wii.

With a third installment expected shortly on Switch, Travis seems ideal for Smash, question of leaving the promotional machine.

The only problem: Travis is already in Smash… as a Mii costume.

But those who follow Smash closely know this; there aren’t really any rules for Sakurai.

Monster Hunter Hunter

MONSTER HUNTER RISE for Nintendo Switch - Nintendo Game Details

Monster Hunter is a big franchise in the West, but huge in Japan.

What’s amazing at this point is that we don’t have a Monster Hunter character in Smash (except Rathalos as a boss).

With Monster Hunter Rise coming out next March on Switch, and with rumors that the game will be showcased at the ceremony tonight, the timing would be good to feature a hunter as a character in Smash.

Ryu Hayabusa

Ninja Gaiden hero Ryu Hayabusa joins Warriors Orochi 4 Ultimate's massive  character roster – PlayStation.Blog

Okay, Ryu Hayabusa may be an old glory; after a first success on NES then a comeback on Xbox, the ninja has become rarer in recent years.

But this is where it gets interesting: There is a rumor that a Ninja Gaiden trilogy is coming to Switch next March and that it will be officially announced tonight.

It would therefore be a golden opportunity to present Ryu, a question of cultivating enthusiasm.

Plus, as a video game legend, Ryu definitely deserves his place in Smash’s pantheon of characters!

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