Who was Al Capone and what did he do?

AL Capone remains a gang legend 70 years after his death – and for very good reason.

A new crime boss called Capone biopic starring Tom Hardy has told his incredible story.

Al Capone ruled his smuggling empire with an iron fist and a heart of stone
AP: Associated Press

Who was Al Capone?

Alphonse Capone – also known as “Scarface” – was Chicago’s infamous Mafia boss during the Prohibition era.

He was born on January 17, 1899 in Brooklyn, New York, in a region plagued by vices, serving primarily the hellish needs of US Navy sailors in the nearby shipyard.

At 14, he graduated after being kicked out for assaulting a teacher.

But the heart-wrenching teenager’s life would change forever when he met his mentor, little gangster Johnny Torrio, who ran the James Street Boys gang.

Torrio taught him the importance of maintaining a respectable front while being a racketeer to avoid the heat of the law.

Al Capone actively courted the limelight and became something of a celebrity during his reign of terror

Why was Al Capone nicknamed Scarface?

During a fight as a teenager in a brothel bar, a thug slashed him in the face with a blade.

The deep wound to his face left him with scars.

This earned him the nickname “Scarface” which of course helped cement his formidable reputation.

A photo of Al Capone taken shortly before his incarceration
A photo of Al Capone taken shortly before his incarceration
Getty – Contributor

What crimes did the American gangster commit?

Al Capone’s mentor, Johnny Torrio, decided to leave their Brooklyn petty crime activities behind and head to Chicago where he believed there was a better chance of establishing himself as a big con artist.

Capone quickly joined him and they went to work for Mafia boss Big Jim Colosimo, specifically running a giant brothel.

But then something was going to happen that would propel Al Capone from an ordinary gangster to the kingpin of the most notorious crime of his generation, if ever.

The government banned alcohol from 1920 to 1933.

And Capone made it his mission to provide drink to the American public who love alcohol.

It is directly linked to at least 33 deaths during the period. Many more are believed to have been murdered.

During his reign he was known as America’s Public Enemy No one.

But investigators struggled to bring him to justice and ultimately had to sentence him to tax evasion charges.

Accustomed to living the luxurious and luxurious life in penthouse suites, Capone’s life has been reduced to the four walls of Alcatraz

When was he in Alcatraz prison?

In 1931, Capone and 69 members of his gang were charged with tax evasion.

He was found guilty and sentenced to 11 years in prison, spent most of his stretch in Alcatraz prison, located on an island in San Francisco.

It was there that he began to suffer from psychiatric problems related to his syphilis.

In 1939 he was released, but his mental capacities were in decline.

The year before he died at 49, a test showed he had the mind of a 12-year-old.

When does Capone go to the movies?

An Al Capone biopic with Tom Hardy as a notorious gangster could see an all-digital release.

The film, previously titled Fonzo, now renamed Capone, was confirmed in 2018 with Hardy sharing photos of the makeup chair entering the character.

The film is being released through Vertical Entertainment, a distributor specializing in on-demand releases and home entertainment, which suggests it could skip theaters.

The film was released in May 2020.

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