Who met the man in the Wrzburg area?

After a stranger had sexually molested women in the Wrzburg area in the past few months, investigators from the Wrzburg police were able to arrest a suspect in the penultimate week of August. This emerges from a press release from the Lower Franconian police station. The 32-year-old is now in a district hospital due to mental illnesses. The Wrzburg-Land police station is conducting the investigation and is now looking for other possible victims, it continues.

The investigation is currently being carried out against a 32-year-old German who, according to the report, is said to have sexually assaulted young women in the district and also in the city of Wrzburg. The investigations initially ran against unknown persons until one of the victims recognized the man and was able to give the investigators the decisive information that led to the suspect’s arrest.

Arrested at home

According to the investigations, the 32-year-old is said to have first approached a 25-year-old on the evening of August 23 on Mainuferstrae in Zell am Main and then touched it immorally against her will. The woman was able to withdraw from the situation without further consequences. The killer fled on his bike. The injured party alerted the police, who initially searched for the man without any results, the police said. The following day he was arrested at his place of residence.

In the course of the intensive investigations, there were indications that there might be connections to other, similar cases in the Wrzburg area, in which women have either already reported comparable incidents or have not yet contacted the police. According to the press release, this will now be checked intensively as part of the investigation. In addition, other alleged victims should report.

Addressed women on the Main Cycle Path

As a reminder, the police published the following description of the man and his approach: He is 1.89 meters tall and very slim in appearance, has a dark complexion, has a chin beard and short curly hair and has a Mainfrnk accent.

According to the current status of the investigations, the accused often rode a bicycle along the Main Cycle Path over the Veitshchheim, Randersacker, Eibelstadt, Sommerhausen, Ochsenfurt route. The man spoke to the women, who were obviously unaccompanied, and exchanged a few words with them, according to the press release. The suspect then sought body contact in the previously known cases and touched the injured party – in some cases he only did this on the shoulder, in other cases on the legs or buttocks.

Apparently he also tried to kiss one of the victims. In two of the acts he also showed his bare member. As soon as the victims recognized the action and released themselves from the situation, the man fled, according to the police report. According to the current state of the investigation, there was no use of force.

The Wrzburg-Land police station Now asks witnesses and other possible victims who have been able to observe such incidents since September 2020 or were even affected by the assaults to contact us on +49 (931) 4 57-16 30.


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