Who is Thierry Métral, an old man from Arthur’s time, who is making his comeback in the program?

Like many TV shows, it was back to school for the Children of TV too. This Sunday, September 5, Laurent Ruquier returned to his set accompanied by many celebrities, such as Gérard Jugnot, Artus, or Manu Payet. Once again, the guests took for their rank, with videos and pictures of casseroles. But against all expectations, another guest made his entrance on the set, and not least. “Someone who made his debut at Les Enfants de la TV, 25 years ago. He will come back today, on our set, 25 years later. Some do not always remember his name”, begins by explaining Laurent Ruquier, before welcoming him. “It scares me, Arthur might come back to my place. I have to be careful,” he says to the man who sits next to him. Presented as the “Image surgeon”, his name is Thierry Métral and will come every week to dissect information, with a humorous angle.

And we can say that this famous Thierry is a regular at Les Enfants de la TV. Indeed, the one who was born in 1968 was a columnist of the team Arthur. His mission until 2007: to present and comment on incongruous scenes. The host makes viewers and guests die of laughter until he leaves. But Thierry Métral is also known to have been splashed by a scandal at the end of the 2000s. Indeed, he had been thanked with losses and noise from Endemol in 2007 for collusion of his (…)

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