Who is the man behind the attack on the Werntal Railway?

On April 17, 2021 around 200 “lateral thinkers” marched through Bad Kissingen in a demonstration against the Corona policy. Including Johann Fischer (name changed) from a small town in the Bad Kissingen district. He had registered the demo. He did not wear the prescribed mask. But the certificate that was supposed to exempt him from the mask requirement and that he showed the police was false. The public prosecutor is convinced of this, which is why Fischer will have to answer for it in a few days. However, Fischer shouldn’t be worried about this procedure, as the Wrzburg public prosecutor’s office is still on his back for a major case. He is suspected of having been involved in the attack on an ICE route in Lower Franconia.

Banners on the tracks

On January 6, 2021, corona deniers mobilized for “D-Day”. Across Germany, activists demonstrated against corona rules. On this day an ICE drove on the railway line between Waigolshausen (district of Schweinfurt) and Gemnden (district of Main-Spessart). The train driver recognized the obstacle in front of him on the tracks near Stetten (District Main-Spessart), but could not brake in time: The train rushed into a banner stretched over the rails, made of wooden slats. The railcar was damaged, people were not injured. More of these banners were found on the route, one of which read “This time FAKE”.

The traces led the “Soko Werntal” of the Kripo to Johann Fischer. He lives in a community of 900 souls and was obviously the administrator of at least one chat group at Telegram on a channel in which many so-called lateral thinkers, corona deniers and others who said goodbye to the world of facts met. The group has now been deleted. Fischer is not only a “lateral thinker”, one can confidently call him a citizen of the Reich. When asked whether he was one himself, he told the daily newspaper “taz”: “If the definition of a citizen of the Reich is that he does not recognize the sovereignty of the German state, then yes.”

Suspect: “ICE action is not violence”

Since April 2020 he is no longer a stranger to the law enforcement officers, after all, he organized many anti-corona demonstrations in Bad Kissingen. On January 10, four days after the ICE attack, investigators searched the house of the Fischer family. They confiscate cell phones, laptops and tablets, and Johann Fischer has to hand over a DNA sample. This editorial team also reported on it. The reaction in the Telegram group: The article was shared there, Fischer, as the administrator, tried to push suspicions about the ICE attack on Antifa. A few days later the group was deleted, there was a “contamination” in it, according to one of the last posts. The group “Antifa, police (mercenaries), protection of the constitution and informers” had been infected.

The “taz” asked Fischer where he saw the red line in terms of protest and radicalism. He said that he rejects violence in any form, but “the ICE campaign is not violence for me”. The Kripo investigated against Fischer because of dangerous interference in the rail traffic. The public prosecutor’s office in Wrzburg is deciding these days whether charges will be brought. The chance that Fischer will stand before a judge, see investigators and lawyers behind closed doors as great.

But before that, Fischer can already practice: On December 8th, he will stand before the Bad Kissingen district court. It’s about his demonstrations in April 2021. For “peace, freedom, sovereignty, truth, for a carefree childhood, self-determination, demand for a change of government and system”, up to 200 people walked with him twice through Bad Kissingen Fischer without a mask. According to the indictment, he submitted a certificate. However, according to the public prosecutor’s office, this certificate should have been “incorrect”. It was a pre-formulated letter that is not based on an individual diagnosis, punishable as “use of incorrect health certificates”.

Who defends the alleged perpetrator

When he had to testify in court in July, he referred to the letter. His lawyer is Gisa Tangermann-Ahring. The former is a “lawyer for clarification”, the name of an association of lawyers whose main subject is Covid-19. They seem to be providing legal aid to anyone struggling with pandemic containment measures. It was not until November 23 that the “lawyers for enlightenment” wrote an open letter to trade unions, employers’ associations and politicians. Content: 3G at work. That is an encroachment on the freedom of occupation of the employee and an encroachment on the entrepreneurial freedom of the employer.

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