“Who dignifies the name of Valencia”

Many Valencians came to visit the Senyera. mamonte

The mayor of Valencia Joan Ribó presided over this solemn act in which the City Council shows with different honorary titles, approved unanimously in the Municipal Plenary, “the recognition and admiration for the professionalism, perseverance and work of people and entities that have contributed to the fact that Valencia is a better city ». In his first speech, the mayor stressed that this act is “the prelude to the great day of Valencians and Valencians, which this year we celebrate with the hope of meeting again in the streets and with the hope of ending the global pandemic, in which We have lost many dear people and that for more than a year has forced us to restrict our lives and our relationships.

After these words, Ribó reiterated his gratitude “for the contribution of men and women who have enlarged and dignified the name of València.” For her part, the vice-mayor Sandra Gómez (PSOE) stressed that today “a very special 9 d’Octubre will be experienced where all the Valencian people will meet again in the civic procession to embrace each other with their hearts and to take as Senyera the pride of being Valencian ». In this regional festival, Gómez added, it will also be celebrated that Valencia is “the city where we have helped all the companies and all the self-employed the most.”

For her part, the popular councilor Mª José Catalá stated that in the PP «we know that October 9 is a very important day, the day to claim that we are a land with its own culture, with its own history, with its needs and demands our own, but at the same time we feel very Spanish ».

Along these lines, Citizens’ spokesman Fernando Giner affirmed that being Valencian “is above all being. I cannot conceive of any other way of being than being Valencian and being Spanish. Being Valencian is also paying taxes in Valencia. Being Valencian is working for the self-employed, for companies and for Valencian products. To be a Valencian is to protect our cultural and historical heritage ”, he said.



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