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a viral very recurrent in the virtual world is to find similarities to famous people. On this occasion the tweeters decided to look for ‘the canine version’ of various figures of Hollywood and the world. Vladimir Putin, Samuel L. Jackson and John Travolta are some of the stars that could not escape the comparison.

Twitter user @Hulio_Iglesias_ He was the one who created the delusional Twitter thread that compares well-known characters from the world of entertainment, sports and cinema with some specific breeds of dogs. From actor Samuel L. Jackson to President Vladimir Putin, they bear similarities with ‘the best friend of the man’.

The viral became so relevant that thousands of users began to add new members to the collection of images from celebrities and dogs. Each famous person has his animal version in the crazy tweet that accumulated thousands of ‘likes’, comments and retweets.

The five celebrities who caused the most impact for their dog-like appearances

It is recurring to hear that dogs tend to resemble their owners. Also, it is believed that we all have a kind of clone or version similar to us either from the animal or human world. The truth is that in this of the reasonable similarities, five celebrities stood out for their funny canine similarities.

John Travolta and a Pitbull

Undoubtedly one of the similarities that caused the most shock was that of actor John Travolta with a blue-eyed Pitbull. The winner of a Golden Globe, he is one of the most popular figures on the big screen. His career is full of cult hits like the acclaimed film Pulp fiction.

John Travolta.

Putin and a mongrel

The president of Russia has a very particular look just like this mongrel canine with whom he is compared. Vladimir Putin has ruled the Soviet country since 1999 and has defined himself as an animal lover. Without a doubt, it is inevitable to remember its presence when we observe the image of this robust puppy.

Vladimir Putin.

Samuel L. Jackson and a Boxer

Hollywood’s highest-grossing actor was not immune from the canine comparison. Remembered for his towering roles in films such as The protégé or in sagas like Star Wars He was confronted with a Boxer dog wearing a hat and glasses just like Jackson. The result is wonderful.

Samuel L. Jackson.

Snoop Dogg and a Sausage

The American rapper was compared to a Dachshund breed dog, better known as ‘Sausage’. In the image, the animal was captured making a gesture identical to what the hip hop producer usually does. Snoop is undoubtedly one of the most successful musicians in West Coast Rap.

Snoop Dogg.

Richard Branson y un particular can

The billionaire English businessman was not exempt from having a canine twin either. In the picture they both share the same shiny fur. The founder of the Virgin brand and the Virgin group is one of the most wealthy and successful figures in the finance environment both in the UK and around the world.

Richard Branson.

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