Which actors are missing from Netflix in Season 4?

What a roller coaster ride in a rescuing deposition story: First the peacock network NBC surprisingly dropped the mystery series Manifest after the cliffhanger-heavy third season finale, then all attempts to find a new station failed – and finally Netflix was there to make it happen to wave through the fourth season. Even so, not everything stays the same after the move to the streaming platform.

According to TVLine there are now a few exits in the cast that the fans have to prepare for. Beware, we are entering clear spoiler area here. So continue reading only at your own risk …

Second chances: 20 series that were saved after they were canceled

First, of course, Athena Karkanis gets out after her character Grace Stone was fatally stabbed in the last season finale. This farewell is hardly surprising.

Jack Messina also takes his hat, which is because his role as Cal Stone has mysteriously aged at the end of last season. From now on, the new, older Cal will play Ty Doran (Justice).

Meanwhile, Josh Dallas, Melissa Roxburgh, Parveen Kaur, JR Ramirez and Luna Blaise have renewed their contracts. So Ben, Michaela, Saanvi, Jared and Olive are all returning. The same goes for Holly Taylor as Angelina.

Meanwhile, Matt Long’s status as Zeke remains open after the actor recently signed with a new serial pilot. One is currently looking for a solution as to how he can mix in both formats.

When the new season of Manifesto can be expected is currently still questionable. We’ll keep you up to date on the series that has been saved so dramatically. Incidentally, the format does not have a long future at Netflix either, because season four should mark the series finale, albeit with an extra long run of 20 episodes.

Manifesto: Season 1


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