Where the rudest people live

Where the rudest people live
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When you travel, you often not only get to know the sights of a city, but also its people. A poll shows which German city is the rudest.

The decision to go on a city break usually depends on what the destination has to offer in terms of activities and sights. But a short trip is even more fun when the local people are open and friendly. One shows that this is not the case everywhere Language learning platform survey Preply among more than 1,500 inhabitants in the 20 largest cities in Germany. Respondents were asked how often they observed rude behavior, including making noise in public, being stingy when tipping, or jumping in queues. A ranking of the ten most impolite cities in Germany was then compiled from the information provided by the respondents.

The rudest cities in Germany: Where people most often misbehave

The leaders among the rudest cities in Germany are Essen, Dresden and Frankfurt am Main. Essen is particularly negative due to the fact that many people are constantly engrossed in their smartphones – but as a university city with many students, this is probably not unusual. But the people of Essen also secured top spot in other categories: for example, videos are apparently watched particularly frequently in public, strangers are ignored or the right of way is stolen in traffic. In Dresden, on the other hand, according to the evaluation, people are often rude to the service staff.

According to the residents, those who travel to Essen most often have to deal with rudeness. © Jochen Tack/Imago

The nine rudest cities in Germany:

  1. Essen
  2. Dresden
  3. Frankfurt
  4. Köln
  5. Dortmund
  6. München
  7. Berlin
  8. Stuttgart
  9. Bielefeld
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In which German cities are people the most polite?

This of course raises the question of where in which German cities the opposite prevails – and people are perceived as more polite. In the Preplysurvey, these are the cities that are below the German average in terms of negative behavior. In this regard, Bochum would come out on top as the politest city – which is surprising given that Essen, the rudest city, is only a 10-minute train ride away. People in Bremen and Hanover are also friendlier.

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