where Nikolai Burlak disappeared from the screens

The main stunner of the “Factory” took up his mind.

Nikolai Burlak came to the “Star Factory” with the desire to get into the backup dancer for the Perm singer, who was aiming for the project. But unexpectedly, at the casting, Burlak was asked to sing. The artist sang, by his own admission, terribly, but the producers were hooked by a bright young man – and he was taken to the “Factory”.

After the show, Burlak performed a lot with concerts, recorded three albums, appeared in the films “Open Your Eyes”, “Main” and “Step by Step”, and even released the book “The Secret Life of the Factory”, where he shared the scandalous details of the show. In the 2000s, the artist managed to visit as one of the hosts of the Sex with Anfisa Chekhova program.

Now Nikolai Burlak likes to be “on the other side” of the screen more. The former “manufacturer” became interested in directing, graduated from VGIK and is now making films. Burlak received a special prize at the Kinoshock film festival and a nomination for the Nika award for his film Lyricisms. His series “Street” was also highly appreciated, which received “Tefi” as the best daytime series.


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