Where is Ece Naz Cetin from Offenbach?

Ece Naz Cetin (Photo: privat)

The criminal police in Offenbach asked the population to help them find the 12-year-old Ece Naz Cetin.

Ece Naz Cetin is about six feet tall, slim, has long dark brown hair (with bangs) and a birthmark on her left ankle. When Ece puts on makeup, she looks older and looks like a 16 to 18 year old teenager. She was dressed in a black jacket and jeans. She also had a gray handbag with her.

The wanted woman left her home at Dr. Georg-Volk-Weg and wanted to go to the Edith Stein School. However, she did not show up for class. Ece Naz Cetin posted a video on social media from the bus. After that, her cell phone was switched off.

Anyone who can provide information about the whereabouts of Ece Naz Cetin is asked to report to the criminal police in Offenbach or any other police station on 069 8098-1234.

(Text: PM Police Southeast Hesse)


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