When you are a medical oncologist, in addition to being a professional, the human side should be highlighted

The most beautiful part of my area is to see the human transformation of the individual, facing their illness. There are many people who lose the battle from the point of view of death or who could not get out of the situation, but yes, as people they changed.

Dr. Pedro Francisco Escobar Rodríguez, Puerto Rican physician.

Marcela Moreno Wilches
Latin Agency for Medicine and Public Health News

Dr. Pedro Francisco Escobar Rodríguez, a Puerto Rican doctor, specialist in Oncological Gynecology, spoke in an interview with the journal Medicine and Public Health about his love for medicine, how oncology awakens that human side of his profession and the search for a balance by being an excellent doctor and for enjoying the greatest and most valuable pleasure in life, family.

During his third year of medicine, he had doubts between starting a PH in Basic Sciences or taking another path and it was there that his now wife, who was his girlfriend at that time, filled out the application for the School of Medicine, thus taking him down this path. that has left him so many emotions and teachings.

After completing four years of medicine and going through different areas, he leaned towards ophthalmology, thus he obtained a scholarship to be at Harvard, doing different research, and although he liked his experience, he wanted “a little more action.”

Thus he began his path in gynecological oncology at the University of Puerto Rico and then traveled to Chicago.

The most beautiful part of my area is to see the human transformation of the individual, facing their illness. There are many people who lose the battle from the point of view of death or who could not get out of the situation, but yes, as people have changed and I believe that the same disease helps them to see the world in a different way and I treasure that a lot, actually oncology is a very beautiful area “stressed Dr. Escobar.

In gynecological oncology not only older patients are treated, patients from 8 to 90 years old arrive, but without a doubt in children, when communicating a diagnosis like this to parents, it is a difficult time.

“I have had patients who endure in the memory of long battles and short battles, so many cases, all so different, but all equally important. I remember a lot one of my patients who struggled for 25 years, a very religious lady and I was surprised that a year after she passed away, her family came to the office to remember her life and this was special because it is a recognition of the accompaniment of the patient ”, the specialist told MSP.

Without a doubt, oncology requires love, to be more than a professional, a great human being to understand the needs of the patient, and this type of act, such as the one carried out by this family, shows that Dr. Pedro Escobar has done it very well. , the difficulty to remember a special case among his patients, since for him they all require the same importance and he carries them all in his heart.

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His love for his family, his children will always be his big boys

Dr. Escobar has two children, one of them is studying Agricultural Sciences, a field that also fascinates his father, while his “girl” does show an inclination for medicine and is already studying it.

After being extremely devoted to academic life, between work trips, conferences, studying new techniques and the operating room, at one point in his life he stopped and stopped to think about the importance of giving more time to his family, so Now, although he continues to be devoted to his profession, he loves to travel around Europe and every day he remembers that the family must always come first, so in Puerto Rico, he tries to enjoy his wife, his children and his father, of whom he speaks with lots of love.

“I continue with my academic work, next year I will make a publication, but now the important thing as my father says is to have a balance in life, everything in excess is bad and the difficult thing is to maintain that balance between the patient, personal life, academics and have time to live, to enjoy. But it’s one thing that, if you don’t have that balance, you lose the battle “said the specialist.

Cancer in Puerto Rico

The most common cancer cancer in the United States and Puerto Rico is endometrial cancer, and in most of the world’s cancer it is endometrial cancer. There are only approximately four gynecologist oncologists on the island and this still requires a lot of work, as well as improvements in equipment and spaces so that patients can receive the care they require with the accompaniment of a doctor trained in the correct specialty.

I would say that the work that needs to be done worldwide is to raise awareness of the specialties and that women, regardless of gynecological cancer, be it of the vulva, cervix, ovary, endometrium, should be treated by a gynecologist oncologist to to have the best results, knowing how to handle this type of cancer promptly “, he concluded.

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