When Rita Levi Montalcini called Amalia Bruni’s work “prodigious”, Boccia publishes the video

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the controversy

The deputy from the Democratic Party replies to de Magistris as follows: «The world is upside down. He devastated Naples and then attacks an impeccable person “

Published on: 09/10/2021 – 19:42

When Rita Levi Montalcini called Amalia Bruni's work

CATANZARO «The world upside down. Luigi De Magistris, who devastated Naples and fueled only anger, clashes and conflicts in his life, has the audacity to insult an impeccable, rigorous and honest person like Amalia Bruni, Calabrian and Italian pride in the world. In this video, there is what Rita Levi Montalcini thought of Amalia Bruni. I don’t think we need to add anything else ». Francesco Boccia, PD deputy and head of local authorities of the National Secretariat, writes it on social media, publishing a video, it is written in a note, «in which Rita Levi Montalcini publicly addresses words of appreciation to Amalia Bruni. Francesco Boccia thus replies to de Magistris who had attacked the center-left candidate for the Presidency of the Calabria Region ».


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