When Nus Kei Call the Problem is Already Finished, Offer John Kei to come to Terms


The conflict between Agrapinus Rumatora aka Nus Kei John Kei to cause bloodshed. After John Kei et al captured, Nus Kei hope that they are reconciled.

“Peace…be at peace, want to do again, we tuh family loh, peace,” Nus Kei expressed his hope, in the Housing Green Lake City, Jakarta, Tuesday (23/6/2020).

Nus Kei hoped the uproar antarsaudara this does not hold prolonged. He also plans to collect the whole relatives and a brother who came from the Island of Kei in Jakarta to stop the ‘civil war’.

“I’ve finished, I have received, understand or what, finish yes. So to the future should be peaceful, I will gather my brother and sister the other if all the people of Kei in Jakarta to berkonsiliasi, we’re way ahead don’t be like this again, so live in peace,” he said.

Nus Kei was very open to open the communication with John Kei. He hopes to talk to John Kei.

“If you were meant to meet, why not? We’re a family, if meet better yes, more beautiful,” he said.


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