when Luis Enrique boasts about his results on Twitter

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Luis Enrique is a special coach. Winner of the Champions League with Barça, the coach became coach with Spain. But a family tragedy took him away from the field at the start of his story with the Roja. However, since he is back on the bench of the Spaniards, he has been performing great performances and has managed to recover a Spain in search of a title after the treble of 2008-2010-2012, to make it one favorites for the World Cup.

Spain, the best European team?

And tonight, as his team qualified for their second straight Final Four in the Nations League yesterday after a victory in Portugal, he decided to send a little message on his Twitter account, that he hadn’t moreover, no longer used since June. He published a graph where we find the results of the biggest European nations since the 2018 World Cup. And the Roja is according to him the team with the best performance with a Nations League final in 2020, a Euro semi-final in 2021, a first place in its qualifying group for the World Cup, as well as a new presence for the Final Four of this edition of the League of Nations, all accompanied by a short text: “Just to put things in context…”

Luis Enrique’s tweet

to summarize

Spain coach Luis Enrique has posted a small graph of his side’s results in recent competitions to highlight how La Roja have performed since the 1998 World Cup.


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