When is it most likely to rain

The weather in Valencia today, according to Aemet, could leave some rain on the capital of Túria.
M. A. Montesinos

The heat in Valencia It is suffocating these last days and, despite the presence of clouds in the sky, the weather has not just changed. And that the threat of rain in the capital of Túria is real, scarce (true) but real. So, and since many expect the rain as May water and as the only way for the environment to cool down a bit and the temperatures stop giving us tropical nights, it is essential to analyze in detail. if it will rain or not in Valencia.

According to the forecast of the State Meteorological Agency (Aemet), rain is possible today in the ‘Cap i Casal’ although it will be unlikely. And it is that there will be barely a 25% chance that the clouds will leave some water on the city (and the same percentage that they will do so in the form of storm). In fact, the weather forecast in Valencia Today produced by the Aemet does not include rainfall, although it does have a very high humidity that, during the early morning, will skyrocket and cause a great feeling of embarrassment.

Specifically, the forecast details that it could rain this afternoon but experts consider that the clouds will not discharge at any time despite the fact that there will be moments when the sky will be almost completely covered.

The weather in Valencia city today threatens possible rains this afternoon, although the Aemet believes that there will be no rainfall.

Weather in Valencia today

It will be late in the afternoon when the cloudiness increases and the sky is completely closed. From nine o’clock at night, the Aemet expects that the sky is covered and, although it does not expect rain, it warns that there is a chance that even a storm will break out.

However, everything seems to indicate that, in principle, they will not be registered rainfall and that the situation will reproduce again in 24 hours, since the weather forecast in Valencia for tomorrow Friday also announces sunny skies during the morning and clouds of diurnal evolution that, during the afternoon, will threaten to discharge some water.


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