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The Wheel of Time arrives for Prime video on November 19, 2021. About Prime Video: Want to watch it now? We have it. This week’s latest movies, last night ….


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  1. Moraine and Lan's introduction feels too over the top. I realize things needed to be truncated for TV, but I wouldn't have deviated much from the book until after the group leaves Two Rivers. The mystery behind the new strangers in town was a big thing for these bumpkins.

  2. Yeah, Moiraine's arrival is far more understated in the books but the show needs to establish the status of Aes Sedai from the go, so this works. (The same way they've decided to do more with Logain at the start to establish what it means for a man to channel). I love Rosamund Pike and knew she'd bring the right air for Moiraine (even if she is about half a foot too tall).

  3. i really wish all that the shows dealing with feudal times/dark age settings would take a page from GOT costume design. NO ONE was that clean back then. their clothes, hair and skin always had some level of grime on them. Even royals have dirt on the hems of their cloaks. thats what takes me out of these scenes. it feels staged

  4. Travelers come into an inn at night for a bed and food.
    Nynaeve runs out holding a knife and demands to know their names.
    I bet this inn is going to be very popular amongst travelers.
    And yea, I hope that story writers would focus more on books, not on their own imagination.

    P.S. Almost forgot. Am I the only one who is bothered to see village's Wisdom running around with a dagger? Seriously, it's just Two Rivers, not some bloody gathering of Warders or false Dragons.

  5. A little ham-handed in some spots, but OK. Hopefully they smooth out the direction and get a better feel for the mood as it goes along. Lots of hostility for what was supposed to be a friendly little town in the books. Nynaeve was over the top too.

    Production values look great though!

  6. The Winespring Inn seems much busier than I ever imagined it from the books. Lan and Moraine's entrance seems forced and weird. I guess we'll see but I'm not impressed so far.

  7. Here's a free tip for my friends at Amazon – when you flood a platform so hard that literally EVERY comment is positive, then your work becomes too obvious. Gotta play it a little more subtle.

  8. Cheesy overdramatic entrance? cheesy Lan? No secrecy about their identities ? Cheesy serpent ring ? Way to destroy a first impression. Holding fingers the writers don't show this kind of initiative later on in the serie …????

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