Whatsapp: Big change! Users will notice it immediately

Almost everyone has this app on their smartphone: Whatsapp. Within seconds it is possible to write, call or send data to the contacts. However, now there are some changes…

If you use the messenger every day, you should have noticed something new straight away. Whatsapp announced a big update – and that also brought numerous new functions!

Whatsapp surprises with new functions

The iPhone users among us are the first to benefit from the innovations – after all, Whatsapp first published the update in an iOS version. But what exactly are the changes now?

Especially with the chats, a better overview should now be created. Users are offered the ability to search their conversations by a specific date. Like Whatsapp in his Message explained, there is no need to scroll through the pages when looking for an older message – this step would be completed by tapping on the calendar symbol.

Send files even easier

Whatsapp also introduces another handy feature: sharing images or files. Instead of having to first save the data somewhere in order to then be able to call it up in the chat, users are now able to easily share the relevant files from other apps via Whatsapp by dragging and dropping them.

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