What you need to know on Saturday in Dortmund: Kidical Mass, Museum Night, Corona death

  • Today the family bike demo “Kidical Mass” is taking place in Dortmund, so that the streets in the city center belong to the children at times. The city wants to defend a special “world championship” title. More information about the demo, which starts at 2 p.m. on Friedensplatz, is available here. (RN +)

You should know that:

The weather:

With a peak of up to 20 degrees there are a total of nine hours of sunshine today. Especially in the morning, the sun makes an effort at first, then rests for a few hours behind a blanket of clouds before it tears up again in the evening.

Here is flashing:

Benediktinerstrasse, Derner Strasse, Evinger Strasse, Hamburger Strasse, Heyden-Rynsch-Strasse, Huckarder Allee, Im Schellenkai, Kleppingstrasse, Oetringhauser Strasse, Ostkirchstrasse, Overhoffstrasse, Rheinische Strasse, Richterstrasse, Waltroper Strasse, Westfalendamm

Unannounced measurements are also possible elsewhere at any time.

This is what the current traffic situation looks like:

The interactive map shows how heavily the streets in Dortmund are currently being used. If you zoom in further, you can see smaller streets too. You can also find out about bike paths and local public transport here.


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