What would happen if Kanye West and Kim Kardashian split up?

It has been rumored for weeks, and some say it will be “imminent” because the situation is untenable: Kim Kardashian and Kanye West are on the verge of divorce. “They are taking it discreetly but it’s over”, says an anonymous source to the tabloid Page Six.

Although at the time the portal TMZ be more cautious and say that the couple was going to couples therapy and that the separation was just another option on the table, it seems that the one who will take the cat to the water will be the informant of the magazine People: “She has had enough and has told him that she wants some space to work out her future. He is fine. He is sad, but fine. He knows that the inevitable will happen and he knows that it will happen soon. “

For now, what is known for sure is that the 43-year-old rapper and the 40-year-old businesswoman lead “separate lives” and that reconciliation is unlikely, especially by Kimberly, tired of fighting. for a marriage in which only she row.

It’s not just that 2020 was maybe the most tumultuous stage in KimYe’s life, as the couple is known, because the musician came to speak openly about the internal problems they were going through (something the businesswoman dealt with, asking for “compassion” for him and his ravings about wanting to get divorced and having to go out and explainher husband’s mental problems as a reason for insulting his mother, Kris Jenner) rather, Kim Kardashian also faced Kanye’s disastrous presidential adventure in the North American elections in which she barely obtained votes.

All this surrounded by controversies such as when he ended up pissing on one of his Grammys, the creepy birthday gift he gave him (a giant hologram of his deceased father, OJ Simpson’s lawyer Robert Kardashian) or, finally, the socialite facing from the silence to the denunciations of Amber Rose, her husband’s ex-partner, giving him birth for calling her a prostitute at a rally.

In this framework -and not counting the coronavirus-, with Kanye living on the Wyoming ranch and Kim meanwhile in California, perhaps the controversy with Jefree Star and his false romance with the musician is already the least, because the model alone is focused on three things: her facet as an entrepreneur, his law studies with which he wants to change the North American prison system and, above all, their children.

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For them four (North, Saint, Chicago and Psalm, born in 2013, 2015, 2018 and 2019, respectively) will fight the influence and has hired none other than Laura Wasser, the famous Hollywood divorce attorney, who played Angelina Jolie when she divorced Brad Pitt or who, they say, was the person Laura Dern was inspired by for her Oscar-winning role in Story of a marriage.

How to divide a fortune? Part I: Kim

As the journalist Javi Sánchez has well analyzed to After castingWhen Kanye West and Kim Kardashian married in 2014, despite being world famous, they had an estimated net worth of about $ 100 million. Nowadays Their combined fortunes reach $ 2 billion. What do you do with all that now?

Let’s start with celebrity. Although many may think that it has been getting to charge half a million for each of the last episodes of the reality who has starred for 20 seasons with his family, Keeping up with the Kardashians, the base of its capital, nothing is further from reality.

It’s not just that Kimberly is a socialite Almost from his earliest childhood, he has managed to monetize all that fame. Since his beginnings on Instagram, gradually becoming who he is, he has achieved sign agreements of between 250,000 and 410,000 euros for each of their posts, making their presence the news itself.

Kim Kardashian and the executed convict Brandon Bernard.

This is the only way to explain that the 72 days that her second wedding lasted (with basketball player Kris Humphries, in 2011, from which he would divorce two years later) made him earn 15 million euros between sponsorships, exclusives and other advertising agreements.

To this we must add that Kim Kardashian has been extremely intelligent in each of her business steps and with regard to her own image. He pocketed 56 million euros in four years thanks to a 2014 video game (Kim Kardashian: Hollywood, developed by Glu Games) which, thanks to its more than 72 million downloads, obtained revenues that exceeded 200.

Although before that year his estimated assets were just over 100 million dollars, from his marriage to the author of hits such as Flashing lights the disks like Jesus Is King your annual earnings they amounted to about $ 85 million.

As if that were not enough, most of Kim’s companies are exclusively owned by him, although the most lucrative is KKW Beauty, which has a value since its creation in 2017 of between 800 and 900 million euros, entering 100 each year. In 2020, Kim sold 20% of his stakes for 200 million dollars.

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And between her and her husband they do not share more than properties, which between mansions and land represent about 100 million euros more. So your total finances it almost reaches 1 billion dollars. And now it’s Kanye’s turn.

How to divide a fortune? Part II: Kanye

Yeezy. That’s the word that defines Kanye West’s potential fortune. But before getting to it, when he married Kim Kardashian, the rapper was a man in debt up to his eyebrows: just mentioning KW Foods LLC makes the musician pale, Well, that hamburger franchise almost brought him down in 2011.

However, he had entered $ 30,400,000 in 2014. A not inconsiderable figure, which nevertheless did not save him from his debt, That amounted to almost 55 million. Musically he was revered, but corporately, always fleeing forward, it was better to flee from him.

So we come to Yeezy. These are sneakers that belong 100% to West, even though I put them on the market thanks to a juicy agreement with Adidas (manufacturer and distributor). Its value was 3.040 million dollars before the pandemic and media such as Wall Street Journal -one, if not the one that most, of the most important economic newspapers in the world- awarded him the possibility of ending up worth nearly $ 50 billion.

Kim Kardashian and Larsa Pippen, in 2018.

Just this one -and his fans always respond to each new collection-For this reason, it has sometimes exceeded its limits, until it is about to destroy its lucrative business, demanding to enter the Adidas board of directors, something it has also done with GAP, with whom it also has several crematistic agreements.

That is, to bad ones (for him), Yeezy is never worth less than 1,000 million. In 2020 it has reported a profit of 120 million dollars, so you’re not likely to decide to sell it anyway either. It is logical to think, therefore, that his idea at the beginning of his marriage of being a hundred millionaire has fallen short.

And that’s a problem, because There is a theory that Kanye West and Kim Kardashian signed a prenuptial agreement. And if so, they would have done it by underestimating their own potential and resolving that Kanye would pay Kim a million dollars for each year together, up to a maximum of 10 million, just as the celebrity would keep all the jewelry and gifts that he the rapper would have done.

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How to divide a fortune? Part III: Divorce

All this then how is divided when the case of divorce that, we repeat, is about to occur. The main question here is whether or not both parties reach an agreement, although to tell the truth, if they don’t, things would stay more or less as they are, with both billionaires (each with their own companies, which are in their name), because California law imposes a 50% split for each one in case a pact is not reached.

Still, there are several issues on the table: The first is the mansion of around 50 million dollars they have in Hidden Hills, Malibu. As such, the case is in the name of Kanye West, but the adjacent land (two farms that between them cost 10 million dollars) belong to Kim, so it is likely that she kept it all.

In this way the rapper would almost certainly be content with Wyoming’s 1,800 acre ranch, which cost 13.5 million, along with another $ 13.5 million he used to buy the adjacent one, and where he is now living alone (because he tried to get his whole family to move but Kim said no).

All other properties, some including undeveloped land, that the couple owns throughout California would be sold. and each of them would receive their corresponding halfAlthough there is a possibility that the musician chose to buy his share (or Kim gave it to him) of one of the houses in Los Angeles so that he could be close to his children.

All this if, as seems more likely, Kim Kardashian obtained custody of North, Saint, Chicago and Psalm, given that the current legislation in the West Coast state understands that whoever stays with the children also keeps the marital home, so as not to add to the little ones a move with the divorce of their parents.

That is to say, and in short, that Laura Wasser has work ahead of her, but everything to win for her client, because Kim Kardashian could get, let’s say, easily, custody if Kanye’s mental problems are exposed, something that he himself has admitted, and their erratic behaviors. And with that he would almost certainly get the house. The curious thing, therefore, is that even by divorcing or asking for money, Kimye, now separately, will almost certainly live their lives just as billionaires.



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