What to do in Madrid from January 18 to 24: a great dance floor and documentary film | Madrid

Cycle. Theater and Human Rights

The Theater and Human Rights cycle wants to join the celebration of the International Year of Peace and Trust 2021, declared by the United Nations (UN). Several companies, both historical and recently created, will participate, bringing theater and dance performances to the center. Creators such as Pilar G. Almansa, Alfonso Plou, Janne Taller, Julio Provencio, Jesús Torres and Antonio Castro Guijosa will reflect on violence and war in their shows. The exhibition is also included Tibet, a threatened culture, with photographs by the photojournalist Ángel López Soto. Around the cycle, workshops, meetings with the public, round tables and film screenings with subsequent discussions will be held with the different companies.

When: Until February 14. Where: Fernán Gómez Cultural Center of the Villa. Price: It depends on the activity around € 10

Exposition. From Madrid to ‘Colo’, from Madrid to heaven

The exhibition focuses on the city of Madrid and the figure of Jesús Colomína Orgaz, Colo, making a journey from the past to the future of the city through the works of the author. The artist is a cartoonist and advertising illustrator and has been awarded the Planeta de Cómic Prize 2010 for his work De perros y bones. The sample is made up of four sections. Past, present, future and From Madrid to Heaven, always with the city as a backdrop. In all sections, material will be exhibited that will help contextualize and understand the work exhibited and its creative process.

When: Until February 28. Where: Exhibition hall of the Joaquín Leguina Library. Price: Free

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Who. ‘Sentimental education’

Sentimental education describes in the first person the transition from the youth of Jorge, the film’s director, to adulthood (increasingly delayed). A traumatic transit, where the innocence of the first days is abandoned based on breaks and work and artistic disappointments; where the weight and double nature of the family nucleus is understood, as a repressive entity and refuge. At the end of the film there will be a discussion between the director and the audience. The feature film belongs to the cycle dedicated to Docma, the Madrid Documentary Film Association created with the aim of spreading, promoting and protecting non-fiction audiovisuals in Spain.

When: Thursday, January 21. Where: Cineteca. Price: From € 3

Dance floor. Work of the artist Guillermo Santomà

Guillermo Santomà has transformed the Intermediae warehouse of Matadero Madrid into an unusual dance floor, within the cycle of activities of the Ciudad Bailar- Exaggerate program, to create a space where to continue dancing in times of pandemic. the sand cover is suspended clinging to the concrete columns, geometrically molded like a gabled roof. Only in its rear part is a slit large enough to be able to enter the environment. Inside, a large and powerful ball of light gives us a little warmth, like a new sun. This creates a game with light, dimensions, material and even color

When: Until June 30. Where: Slaughterhouse. Price: Free.

Taller. What are you up too?

In this workshop, attendees will discover that frames, monochromatic patterns of repeating shapes, are neither boring nor monotonous. With only one color and combining lines and shapes, we will experiment with the multiple expressive possibilities of lines: they can be lengthened, undulated, separated, joined or converted into points, in such a way that we will create contrasts and sensations of volume. The workshop is aimed at boys and girls from six years old.

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When: Until May 3. Where: Caixaforum. Price: Free


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