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What the people of the United States need to know and understand.

by drbyos

I share this humble thought with you since I hope that you will read it and meditate on the importance of knowing the truth, bearing in mind that nothing is absolute and that historical phenomena repeat themselves. Unlike the great advance of our Western civilization from the darkness of the Middle Ages where our civilization was reborn and the human creation that freed itself from the occult made so many advances, today the West is going through a crisis that is difficult to overcome, that without the help of each one of us will destroy us. It is very unfortunate that the great specialization does not give many the time to know the history that would allow us to anticipate human behavior when the rules are changed and no one has the courage to say so, especially those who call themselves politicians and are elected as such promising what they want. they will never be able to fulfill as in the case of our nation The United States of America. The month of December will be very difficult and next year even more so, I explain why I am telling you this and I beg you to be more austere so that it will be easier for all of us to get ahead of this suffocating economic situation specifically in the United States. What the people of the United States need to know and understand: 1.- In our nation it is very difficult to get a stable job today. 2.- A large part of the unemployed will stop receiving benefits that allow them to live the first week of December 2010. 3.- A large part of the people who bought a property at the end of President Bush’s administration have stopped paying their mortgages since the properties have fallen in value a lot and the debts are higher than the real value of the properties. 4.- The so-called undocumented immigrants are forced to work for a salary lower than that accepted by law and are subjected to multiple abuses by their employers. 5.- Pensioners to receive full benefits must be nationalized and the immigration department increases their costs more and more, which is making it impossible for them. 6.- We do not have enough raw materials, we must import them and our non-arms industries are on the verge of bankruptcy. 7.- Food has increased to double its price in three years and wages remain the same. 8.- We worry about the value of gasoline and we do not pay attention to the price of drinking water, which is essential for us to live. 9.- As of today, all patients must be treated in a hospital, whether or not they have insurance, but who guarantees us the medical service provided. Neither Democrats and even less Republicans will be able to improve this situation quickly and everything bad is not so bad if they give us the opportunity to prepare and tell us the truth. Well, with deep respect I tell you and part of the solution to these serious events is that we be reborn and demand that those who are and are tenants of the White House, as well as our public employees from the President, Senators and others, tell us the truth and that Tell us the way to go are our employees and we have the right to call their office in Washington as in each state always with due respect to let them know our needs and what we want from our nation and that we are willing to sacrifice for our nation. Personally, I am tired of listening to the news regarding these issues with smiles on my lips while many in our nation are hungry or if they give them a check to eat they do not have to buy soap to wash themselves. I hope to God that our nation does not declare a war in the coming days to cover up with human pain before the people who prefer to remain in ignorance of the difficult time we are going through. I have not wanted to offend anyone and even less to impose my ideas, but I beg you to be more interested and participate more demonstrating a civility and interest in the future of our nation. We must be reborn or we will perish. God bless America. Paul Chehade :. www.solidary.org www.paulchehade.org

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