What the divorce of Kanye West and Kim Kardashian really means

As in so many other celebrity stories, the ghost of the divorce has been flying over them for so long (Kim Kardashian y Kanye West ), that when it has been formally announced we are left with that feeling of distance.

That feeling that almost anything can still happen and with the dehumanization with which we approach the big stars: almost as if they were not people.

Why do most celebrity relationships (and divorces) repeat patterns?

So we expect the worst: lurid details, controversy and the eternal show that occurs when these things happen. And there is no greater sport in the United States than rise one person (in this case two) to the stratosphere and then knock it down to stone and remind him (and remind us) that after all he is a human like us. Something as sad and regrettable as the assurance we have that it will happen.

But the umpteenth divorce in the stratosphere confirms many things. On the one hand, the – sad – importance of ego, putting the carrera ahead of the other. On the other, the other questions, which are summarized in that the fuel that makes a person work at that level (attention from fans, good reviews, money or making history) end up being a priority much more important than the happiness of the other person and the preservation of the family nucleus.

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Then there is the need for more and more encouragement. When you’ve spent years with fame and money at the highest level, your need for continuously stimulate to be happy is under certain standards so high that ends up quickly demotivated from anything that for us could be absolute happiness for life. It seems as if, by having the conquest of each other, they already demonstrated to their egos what they needed and now they have to move on to the next.

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It is because of this accumulation of issues that most marriages between celebrities are short-lived and end up like the Rosary of Dawn. The Personal needings they are so amplified and they are so hyperbolic that the happiness of being with the other ends when it has fulfilled its function in feeding an ego that does not settle for anything.

When you are so thirsty, there is not enough water on the entire planet.

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Now, after the official announcement, we can only hope that the agreement is fair and that they are able to put aside their pride for the benefit of their children.

The reality (knowing both of them) will be more surreal than we could imagine, the pink press will count it multiplied by ten, knives of all kinds will be thrown (we can bet) and in the end we will feel that watching them it’s not so bad down here either.

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