What really happened in the Titanic disaster? Video shows what the implosion of the “Titan” looked like

What really happened in the Titanic disaster?  Video shows what the implosion of the “Titan” looked like
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Von: Sandra Sporer

A YouTube video shows the probable course of the Titan implosion. Not only the strong pressure should be responsible for the incident.

Munich – The implosion happened within fractions of a second, the video says. In the accompanying animation you can see how the submersible suddenly contracts and then breaks apart. The 3D animation of the YouTube channel AiTelly clearly illustrates what probably happened during the last, fatal dive of the “Titan”.

In a YouTube video, the course of the last dive of the “Titan” is shown as an animation. The material of the submersible is said to have played a role in the accident. © OceanGate/IMAGO

Titan implosion: Material failure also likely played a role

When diving to the wreck of the Titanic, the submersible imploded while it was still descending. Similar to an explosion, an implosion also happens within a few fractions of a second and has an enormous destructive power. Unlike an explosion, however, this is directed inwards. So the submersible collapsed.

The reason for this is the difference between the pressure inside and outside the diving capsule. The pressure inside the diving capsule is significantly lower than the water pressure acting on the submersible from the outside. In the case of the “Titan”, the hull could not withstand the water pressure and it imploded. According to an expert, the inmates saw their end coming shortly before.

The video states that the hull of the “Titan” failed because it was based on a material that was experimental, at least in deep-sea shipping: carbon fiber. The Swiss submarine captain Philippe Epelbaum also mentioned the unconventional material in an interview Merkur.de von IPPEN.MEDIA. “No submarine has ever been built from such a material, which is why no certification company was willing to certify it,” says Epelbaum.

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This is probably how the Titan accident happened

The animation goes into even more detail and reconstructs the course of the dive. The “Titan” was brought to the dive site by her mother ship, the icebreaker Polar Prince. First, the submersible is still on a platform, which is then lowered below the water surface. Once a certain depth has been reached, the submersible detaches itself from the platform and covers the rest of the route independently.

In the case of the “Titan”, however, it did not come to that. As is now known, the submersible imploded shortly after the start of the dive. It then broke into five pieces, which were found not far from the wreck of the Titanic. (sp)


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