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what news will the new Duster actually have

by drbyos

From the first Duster until now, Dacia has made few major changes to this model. In 2021, as soon as possible, it launches a new version. The timing is important technically, not design.

French publication Argus claims that Dacia will introduce the new Duster model at the end of April. In the last week of April it is planned to start as well Rabla 2021 program, but it is unlikely that the car will go directly to sale. Most likely it will only be presented, announced, and sales should start in September.

However, it must be remembered that Rabla Clasic lasts as long as there is money. So, if all the tickets don’t end in April – May, you can hope to get an offer for the new Dacia Duster in the fall.

Duster is a success for Dacia, even without major changes

Somehow, Dacia’s decision not to change Major Duster was predictable. From the first Logan to the last, the important changes were at the technical level. Same with Sandero or Sandero Stepway. In 2021, Duster will take over the elements from the three models introduced in the fall of 2020.

A new generation of Duster but it is expected in 2024, when Dacia will launch Bigster, the largest car so far, an SUV that will compete better with similar models from other larger manufacturers.

The purpose of this facelift is to standardize the Dacia portfolio at the design level. The car will have front and rear optical blocks similar to those currently existing on Logan, Sandero or Spring. At the same time, Duster would have a more imposing grid, which will lead to the lowering of the bumper. Inside, the car will be ready for Android Auto and CarPlay, with a newer generation screen.

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The technical part will be much more important. The EDC transmission returns to the Duster equipment, but the car would not switch to a hybrid electric motor system. However, it would remain with the ECO-G version on LPG, but 4 × 4 traction would also disappear, at least in the first phase.

For Dacia and Renault, Duster is a very important car. According to the data Carsalesbase, between 2010 and 2020, Duster recorded annual sales of over 130 thousand units. The record was in 2019, with over 220 thousand units.

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