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What is the ‘vanish mode’ of Instagram and Facebook Messenger that would incite infidelity

by drbyos

‘Vanish mode’ or ‘vanish mode’ is a new function that applications such as Instagram and Facebook Messenger have already added among their tools. Although the modality is designed to provide greater security when sending an instant message, the fact that these disappear could incite users to commit acts of infidelity.

These temporary conversations will delete any text, image or video, after the receiver has been able to see them. It is a feature very similar to the one that Snapchat implemented a few years ago and will also be available on WhatsApp soon.

According to the Hola Telcel portal, the function is already active in the United States and it is only enough for users to update their applications to the latest version. Once done, from the configuration of any private or group chat you could choose the option.

From his official blog, Facebook also reported that by activating the ‘vanish mode’ it will notify users in case the recipient of the message has taken a screenshot. “And as always, you can block someone and report a conversation if you feel insecure,” said the social network.

Why would the ‘vanish mode’ incite infidelity?

In previous articles we have already shown how social networks can destroy a love relationship when they are not used with the responsibility it deserves. The ‘fade mode’ that Instagram and Facebook Messenger have implemented represents a danger in private conversations.

The chances of discovering a suspicious or infidelity chat would be significantly reduced as soon as these messages are automatically deleted by the application. Without a doubt, it is a temptation for certain users and could arouse paranoia in their partners. What a mess!

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To prevent these conflicts from ruining your romantic relationship, the most sensible thing is for both of you to talk about the risks of activating these functions. In case they do, notify it, so that the couple does not get strange surprises when they share the phones … if they do.

My partner won’t let me see his phone… is he cheating on me?

The reality is that there are two versions here … those that do allow it, they might not even care, and others that say: mess with everything, except my phone. The great drawback of the second case is that it makes you think … to think what? Well, for the simple reason that they could be being unfaithful to us. Not being able to know with whom that person exchanges messages, he invites us to assume it in the face of any strange behavior.

Claiming that your partner is unfaithful because he does not let you see his phone is false, you should not even worry. But neither can he pretend that attending a chat for more than ten minutes, laughing with a certain mischief and paying little attention to you is not going to bother you. If you see it in detail and simplicity, you will realize that everything is based on common sense.

That he does not let you see his phone does not mean that it is a prohibited object, that it is also covered in passwords or that he always “hides” in his pocket. There has to be a balance, because while trust indicates that you shouldn’t review it, it also states that there should be no problem with you seeing it.

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